Unveiling the World’s Safest City


Unveiling the World’s Safest City

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Excited to book your tickets for the tour? But where have you decided to go? If your criteria for traveling is safety, then, here is an interesting opinion that may help.

Safety is an issue of high priority in the world today, as the global pandemic consumes us all. In fact, the whole definition of safety has changed since the foundations of the world collapsed. The leading leader in the economic issues of the world, the Economist, lists 60 cities from around the world based on various parameters. Its Intelligence Unit prepares a Safe Cities Index every year to do this task.

Unveiling the World’s Safest City

Earlier the list was topped by Asian cities like Tokyo, Singapore, and Osaka; but this year a Danish city has topped the list.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark is the safest city in the world with the highest rank in the list of 82.4 points.

• The city showcases good personal security by a reduction in the crime rate.

• It scored high in the environmental security section too, due to the high environmental development there.

• It exhibits a great fabric of social cohesion with a very narrow wealth gap.

• There are great levels of trust & security among people who live there, and also those who visit there.

• But it scored relatively lower than the other cities in health security because there was an unexpected collapse in their healthcare system, due to the COVID crisis.

Some facts to steal from the report:

This report tells urban resilience and social security fabric has been shaken over since the arrival of the pandemic. It tells that there is a loophole in every system no matter what, this time it was witnessed in healthcare. The global health system totally collapsed from the sudden outbreak. Thus, health security needs to be revised.

Also, a lot of changes & contradictions are seen in digital security too. The world switched to “globally online” since the virus, and thus, there were many security breaches too. The authorities need to secure their digital system too.

Unveiling the World’s Safest City

More holistic understanding is required for the approach of safety. If there ever comes a chance of deprivation of limits then the world leaders should be ready for it.

As the pandemic continues, it has brought forward a higher demand for sustainable growth. Without achieving sustainability, safety and security as citizens are not possible. Thus, authorities that are involved in infrastructural development must ensure utility services and security of the places, as there have been unprecedented changes in travel patterns.

It’s not just Copenhagen but other cities too that have been declared safe in terms of traveling and living. Amsterdam, Melbourne, Tokyo, Toronto, Singapore, and Sydney are in the top 10 of the list.

So, pack your bags and travel to a city of your choice, as the list is here. But do keep in mind the above criteria and parameters for selecting.

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