PHP interview questions for Beginners
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17-Aug-2021 , Updated on 8/17/2021 5:21:43 AM

PHP interview questions for Beginners

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In this blog, I am going to show you some interview questions about core PHP. Moreover, I will give you a solution you can also comment on yours on a view about each question. 

PHP interview questions for Beginners

Let's see the list of Top interview questions about core PHP!

Q1: What is PHP?

Q2: How to display 'Hello World'.?

Q3: Write the correct opening tag and close tag for PHP scripts.

Q4: How to write single-line comments in PHP?

Q5: How to write multi-line comments in PHP?

Q6: Which character is used to end each statement in PHP?

Q7: How to assign a string value to the variable in PHP?

Q8: How to get the length of the string by using a PHP built-in function?

Q9: How to replace a word of a string with another word?

Q10: How to reverse a string?

Q11: What is the use of var_dump() in PHP?

Q12: How to check the equality of two variables in PHP?

Q13: What is the syntax of the switch construct in PHP?

Q14: How to create a new function named as display in PHP?

Q15: How to sort an associative array according to value?

Q16: How to sort an array in ascending order?

Q17: How to use the date function in PHP?

Q18: How to display the current day by using date() in PHP?

Q19: How to get a secure field value in PHP?

Q20: How to display a field value in PHP?

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