What You Need to Know to Get Started on Salesforce Field Service


What You Need to Know to Get Started on Salesforce Field Service

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What You Need to Know to Get Started on Salesforce Field Service

Field agents perform everything from installations and repairs to professional services and routine maintenance. Keeping track of their daily tasks can be difficult. However, 52 percent of companies still manage their field representatives manually. This leads to management difficulties. Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) is a much better solution. Both the customer and employee experiences are improved. Any field service operation should consider salesforce lightning as an essential component. It will be easy to extend as you add capabilities for your growing salesforce company. The platform's added value is the ability to measure and report on the areas that are most important to your field service operation.

What’s Included in Field Service

Salesforce Field Service integration allows you to create a powerful, highly customizable, and mobile-friendly field service hub in Salesforce. Managing a field service operation entails juggling a lot of moving components. You receive the tools you need to manage work orders, scheduling, and your mobile workforce with salesforce field service management. Additionally, these are some examples of what Salesforce Field Service allows:

● Fill in the blanks: Make records for your field service personnel, dispatchers, and agents, then fill in the blanks with information about their talents, location, and availability.

● Create multilayer service domains: They represent the geographic areas where mobile workers can perform services.

● Database access: Salesforce implementation keeps track of your inventory, warehouses, maintenance vehicles, and customer locations.

● Request handling: Customers can place one-time or recurring work orders, and you can provide information like worker preferences, required skills, and parts.

● Standardize processes: To standardize your field service tasks, create maintenance plans and templates. Create service reports to keep consumers up to date on the status of their service.

It Makes Lives Easier

Salesforce service cloud implementation in FSL provides valuable insight so everyone involved can work effectively:

● Dispatchers: Help field technicians succeed by dispatching the correct technicians (with the right abilities and tools) to finish a specific work while keeping driving and service times in mind.

● Field Technicians: They have real-time data at their fingertips, so they know exactly what work is being asked and what tools they'll need to finish it. They can also look at knowledge articles to help them fill up any gaps.

● Leadership teams: They have complete access to all of the data they require to recognize patterns and optimize operational operations.

● Customers: They benefit from a hassle-free experience with a 48 percent faster case resolution time because the expert arrives prepared to do the task.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Service agents may need to work with field employees to remedy a problem. Field Service enables you to accomplish all this. Users of the Service Cloud can schedule field employees, manage their schedules, track part or material usage, and so on. Salesforce Service Cloud is customer service software that enables quick and effective customer support. It accomplishes this in a variety of ways, including a 45 percent boost in client retention, a 47 percent boost in agent productivity, and a 31 percent reduction in case resolution time. The entire case lifecycle is covered by Service Cloud Case Management: creation, prioritizing, assignment, escalation, reassignment, and closure. You can also define criteria that should impact each of these stages, and Service Cloud will take care of it automatically. For instance, if you want case priority and type to determine which agent is assigned to a case, Service Cloud evaluates this data and initiates the appropriate assignment process.

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