Is It Possible to Ban WhatsApp in India?
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29-Jun-2021 , Updated on 6/29/2021 11:48:37 PM

Is It Possible to Ban WhatsApp in India?

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WhatsApp has occurred be an eye of a storm for over a month for its secrecy policy & presently over its viewpoint on putting up with an action against the specific topic that many evaluate to be incompatible.

Half of the countries population is dependent upon the WhatsApp application, as they know that it is old and popular. But the unwanted information to withdraw the application will certainly enhance the panic in the country. 

Is It Possible to Ban WhatsApp in India

It has governed to action from people using that, who have departed in huge quantities from WhatsApp to compete for messaging applications like Telegram, & from administrators who have brought up with some particular appetites. The current development that is prevailing urged to be carried away against WhatsApp in India occurred in Kerala. A PIL was classified in the Kerala High Court that strived a directive to be provided to the Central administration to ban the procedure and practice to use WhatsApp if it is not willing to co-operate with the rightful councils in India. The plea was accepted by KG Omanakuttan a Software Engineer from the Idukki district situated in Kerala.

The petition had announced, 'WhatsApp itself disobeys the secrecy of the users using them. It is overstepping the essential liberties of the residents warranted under Article 21 of the Constitution & presenting a probable danger to the national attention & federal security.'

Is It Possible to Ban WhatsApp in India

It declared that unbelievable evidence in the shape of texts, pictures, as well as videos is being widely circulated & distributed & that personality assassination of several well-known characters of all political parties was accomplished using such.

One of the news agencies referred to the petition further as announcing, 'If the application was not ready to improve its technology & did not co-operate with the administration, it should not be authorized to regulate in the nation. The Centre had prohibited many websites & mobile applications from functioning against the concern of the nation. The application cannot accuse the law of this land.'

Is It Possible to Ban WhatsApp in India

Regardless, the Bench of Chief Justice S Manikumar & Justice Shaji P Chaly rejected the plea. The judiciary announced, 'It should be the duty of examining media and judiciaries to determine whether messages from WhatsApp were utilized by users to not be manipulated as proof. We are not willing to fascinate any of the blessings sought for, we are rejecting the writ plea.'

From waking up in the morning to switching off the data at night everyone is yet connected with WhatsApp, the removal of the application could let the economy as well as the people down. Therefore, all the necessary steps will be taken to keep things goings.   

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