America's Longest War To Be Ended Soon!
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17-Apr-2021 , Updated on 4/23/2021 12:12:36 AM

America's Longest War To Be Ended Soon!

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President Joe Biden has decided that the United States has had enough of the war in Afghanistan after nearly two decades, more than 2,300 US troops killed, more than 20,000 injured, hundreds of thousands of Afghans maimed or killed, and more than $2 trillion spent.

Biden plans to officially declare on Wednesday that all American and allied forces would withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11, the fateful date that triggered the American invasion nearly two decades ago, according to US officials. Biden's decision, which came after nearly three months of White House deliberation, pushes back the Trump Administration's and Taliban's previously planned May 1 deadline.


Biden stated that 'The moment has arrived to settle America's longest-reigning war, the US would nevermore rush out.'

'We can't keep lengthening or expanding our army personnel's presence in Afghanistan in expectations of building excellent conditions for our withdrawal and expecting a distinct outcome', Biden said, speaking from the White House Treaty Room, where President George W. Bush declared the war's launch.

Biden also said that he is now the fourth president of the United States to lead an American military presence in Afghanistan. There are two Republicans. There are two Democrats. He would not delegate this authority to a fifth party.


The declaration notes possibly the common important foreign policy judgment for Biden in the initial days of operating his presidency.

He’s continued been doubtful about the U.S. occupancy in Afghanistan. During the presidential period of Barack Obama's and as being the vice president, Mr. Biden was a solitary decision-maker in the government who directed the 44th president to shift towards a more petite counterterrorism position in the nation while military advisers were forcing a troop development to counter Taliban earnings. Biden has further made it obvious he requires to recalibrate U.S. international policy to handle bigger difficulties posed by China and Russia.

Withdrawing all U.S. troops appears with clear uncertainties. It could support the Taliban's struggle to claw back control and break additions toward democracy and women’s preferences formed over the past two decades. It also prepares Biden for judgment, mostly Republicans and any Democrats, even though former President Donald Trump had similarly desired a full withdrawal.

According to the Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell This management has determined to drop U.S. efforts in Afghanistan which must help keep radical Islamic terrorism in check, And strangely, they have chosen to do so by September 11th.


As Biden declared his judgment, his top national security aides were discussing on Wednesday in Brussels to organize the alliance’s withdrawal from Afghanistan with the intended pullout of American troops.



For multiple of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who worked in battle, were hurt in combat, or lost a loved one in battle, the edge of America’s most comprehensive war is welcomed. 

By settling the U.S. military role in Afghanistan, he states, the Biden Administration is completely believing the certainty that continued war doesn’t encourage preserved security concerns.

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