Influence of Cancellation of Board Exams on Students for Today & in Future
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15-Apr-2021 , Updated on 4/15/2021 6:14:09 AM

Influence of Cancellation of Board Exams on Students for Today & in Future

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As the government declared the cancellation of class X and Postponing the Class XII CBSE board examinations, social media platforms were flooded with responses and feedbacks from around the nation. Because of the second wave of COVID-19 and the closure of institutions, and entertaining account of the security and well-being of the learners, the government has chosen to cancel the class X board examinations, while class XII exams will be conducted after analyzing the conditions on June 1, 2021. The government has further decided to give a declaration of at least 15 days before the commencement of the examinations.

Influence of Cancellation of Board Exams on Students for Today & in Future

While some of the students concede that canceling or postponing exams completely isn't possible, they are demanding if the same can be held online. “If cancellation is not permissible then please acknowledge practicing an online examination as this strain of COVID-19 is harming youngsters the common. The new strain of novel Coronavirus has headed to an increase in attention due to its capability of high transmission. And a new statement has alleged that the mutation is targeting young people as the greatest of the problems have been stated in people under 20 years of age. The statement also recommends that actions like social distancing that should be taken to curb the expanse of Covid-19 do not work upon the new variant.

Postponing or Cancelling Exams is Injustice with Hardworking Students!

Schools students requesting for examinations to be conducted offline as per record say that they had sufficient time to prepare, and canceling examinations at this point of time would be cruel to them. Exams should be conveyed as scheduled or maybe later. Just think of the scholars who struggled hard throughout the year. Abolition of exams is an injustice to them, Students who have learned hard the entire year must be provided a fair opportunity. Everyone knows and understands what happens in online exams and postponement is also not a solution either. And most of the students should not complete the exam syllabus and continue now obliging cancellation under the reason of Coronavirus! Exams should be conducted as per the schedule.

The Relevant Board Exams must be Scheduled for Students.

Further unbiased judgment for students could have happened and students must be asked for offline examinations not entirely but only for a few significant subjects. The committees are expected to be a standardized examination that examines all students on an equivalent platform. However, the shortage of decent internet connectivity and the inability to afford more than one smartphone device in the number of families has left many scholars at a major obstacle, denying the entire point of the board examinations. Still, it is necessary to conduct them regarding how valuable they are for college entrances.

Influence of Cancellation of Board Exams on Students for Today & in Future

Impact of Not Conducting Exams! 

The examinations play a significant role in any of the student's life, schools conducting exams not only go with the format but also tries to enhance the skills and help children grow. there are few questions and a particular set of answers which are been asked in examinations, but students have to learn the entire syllabus not only to clear and pass the examinations but also to grab the proper knowledge. And what about the untouched knowledge by those students, if these examinations are not held student won't study or even try to learn, the fear of examinations are been removed from their mind, and this is just because of these continuous cancellations of examination which are helping in spoiling their future. 

Influence of Cancellation of Board Exams on Students for Today & in Future

There are so many ways to conduct those examinations, cancellations are not the only option left. Government must conduct an Online examination, prepare a social distancing examination where they can place 10-15 students per room, of course, it must have taken time, but hopefully conducted exams. 

Class X and Class XII students are grown enough, they are very well aware of this Coronavirus and the pandemic they could be taught properly to maintain social distancing and follow the healthy and measurable COVID-19 rules. 

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