Do Money Involve Traitors like Disha Ravi Over Farmer Protest & the Conspiracy?
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16-Feb-2021 , Updated on 2/17/2021 11:08:08 PM

Do Money Involve Traitors like Disha Ravi Over Farmer Protest & the Conspiracy?

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Traitor, a specific word for the person who tries to dissolve the impression of a nation as well as their character and jumping off into a well full of fraudulent fortune, Is this be acceptable for anyone to produce a conspiracy against their own nation? If one is found doing this within the boundaries of their nation. Then this appears to be heartbroken accomplishments, this could be the most extensively criminal offense someone could ever do for their country if you are not for your own self country you could not be anyone's else.

This is what which is happening in India since Republic day. Now it is yet not 100 percent acquainted, although indications and clues are nearly the same.

Do Money Involve Traitors like Disha Ravi Over Farmer Protest & the Conspiracy?

Who is Disha Ravi and why is she connected with all?

Disha Ravi, a 21-year-old so-called climate activist, was arrested on Saturday by the Delhi Police from Bengaluru for leaking the 'toolkit' correlated with farmers' protest that was promoted by Greta Thunberg on Twitter? While the entire country came forward as an outrage against the 'unparalleled attack on democracy' on various social media platforms. Delhi police claimed that

Disha Ravi came out to be the 'key conspirator' for her apparent role behind the contentious 'toolkit' which, the police said, was also behind the January 26 chaos at the national capital.

Do Money Involve Traitors like Disha Ravi Over Farmer Protest & the Conspiracy?

The toolkit first appeared insignificant after the Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg tweeted a connection to it on February 3 but thereafter deleted it. The sanctioning party and its supporters alleged Thunberg had unintentionally excavated the 'conspiracy' to defame India. But what toolkit is specifically and what does it have to execute with the ongoing farmers' uproar or Disha's arrest? 

What is the Toolkit?

As the name suggests, a toolkit is just a set of tools used for a specific objective. In evaluating, it is a bunch of software instruments. It is associated with a set of protocols, directions, guidelines, or instructions to get things done. A toolkit could be a document, an explainer, or a manual, and may contain information about a particular problem. In the context of protests, a toolkit can come out as an action plan. But toolkits are not certainly associated with demonstrations.  

What does Greta Thunberg share on Twitter concerning the toolkit?

Thunberg, as well as Barbadian musician Rihanna both, had initially tweeted in the backing of the farmers' concern by transmitting a news statement. Later, Thunberg tweeted another message which read: 'Here's a toolkit if you want to help.' A discussion instantly broke out as the toolkit was associated with the pro-Khalistan outfit Poetic Justice Foundation. Thunberg instantly deleted the toolkit, saying it was outdated, and posted another one.

Do Money Involve Traitors like Disha Ravi Over Farmer Protest & the Conspiracy?

What existed in the toolkit?

As stated by Delhi Police, the toolkit includes prosecution points like digital strike-through hashtags on January 26 and earlier, a tweetstorm was circulated since January 23, physical action on January 26, and arriving Delhi for farmers' rally and going back to the border. Further, the statement mentioned assignments such as disturbance of India's cultural ancestry like 'yoga' and 'tea', and targeting Indian embassies in several capitals abroad. 

What was Ravi's fault why is she arrested over the toolkit?

After Thunberg's tweet, Delhi police enrolled a case of sedition, stimulating hatred among communities, and immoral conspiracy on February 4 against unidentified people. They asked Google and other technology giants to procure evidence about the generation of the toolkit as well as its allotment. Police say Disha's arrest was the conclusion of that investigation. 

Delhi Police against Disha?

Police asserted that Disha, along with Nikita Jacob a lawyer, and Shantanu Mallick an engineer, both played a key role to spread the toolkit, which occurred in the storming of the Red Fort on Republic day. They say the group worked together to formulate and transmit the toolkit, whose delighted was intended for creating disaffection against India. Operatives also claimed that the group struggled with the pro-Khalistan outfit Poetic Justice Foundation. A woman based in Canada is said to have engaged them to the outfit, and through them, established the toolkit manuscripts permitted as 'Global Farmer Strike' and 'Global Day of Action, 26 January'.

All these activities ascertain that there is no such contribution over the farmer bills. Regardless of the farmer protest, whether it's Greta Thunberg or Rihanna they won't be knowing India's capital or the CM of the Capital City but they have to talk and speak up loud in favor of farmer protest, it could be some sort of funds they got or just a convince made them do so? We don't exactly know but all we know is that they had to do nothing with all this.

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