Meet Vyommitra, your new astronaut friend!


Meet Vyommitra, your new astronaut friend!

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The Indian Space Research Organisation has disclosed a human-robot that will be delivered to space as part of the Gaganyaan mission, India's ambitious strategy to transmit humans to space

Vyommitra, a mixture of two Sanskrit phrases Vyoma (Space) and Mitra (Friend), brought everyone surprised when she introduced herself to the public and media.

The robot said, 'Hello everyone. I am Vyommitra, the prototype of the half-humanoid, been made for the first unmanned Gaganyaan mission'.

Meet Vyommitra your new astronaut friend

She can clench discussions and answer questions. She is Vyommitra, a spacefaring human-robot created by the Indian Space Research Organisation. Vyommitra is a 'half-humanoid' that ISRO schedules to send to space as the fraction of test flights that will be launched ahead of the enterprising launch of India's maiden human spaceflight journey.

Vyommitra, herself, can 'mimic' the action of a squad of astronauts and even 'comprehend them and respond to their questions '. Vyommitra was discovered by ISRO at an exhibition in Bengaluru on Wednesday where she greeted journalists with 'Hi, I'm Vyommitra the prototype of half humanoid.'

Meet Vyommitra your new astronaut friend

According to an ISRO scientist, Vyommitra is half-humanoid. Isro scientist Sam Dayal stated that 'The robot is called half-humanoid because it doesn't have legs. Vyommitra can only bend sidewards and ahead. It will carry out some exercises and will always remain in touch with the ISRO command center,' 

The space agency intends to send Vyommitra to space following this year when it will originate unmanned aeronautics to space as an element of the Gaganyaan project. The Gaganyaan project, stated by the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi on the 2019th Independence Day, is an enthusiastic project of sending Indians to space.

An Indian - Rakesh Sharma - Wing Commander has been sent to space. But, he did onboard a Russian spacecraft. The Gaganyaan project, on the opposite hand, intends to send three Indians to space on board an Indian spacecraft originated by an Indian rocket within India.

Four men - all the pilots across the Indian Air Force - have previously been categorized as the contender for the Gaganyaan mission. They will undergo training in Russia and India. Simultaneously, doctors from the Indian Air Force will be transmitted to France to be trained in observing the health of cosmonauts who will fly to space.

Meet Vyommitra your new astronaut friend

The humanoid Vyommitra will be a member of both the unnerved spaceflights through which she will mimic the activities of the crew. Will she also follow the three Indian astronauts while their memorable flight to space in 2022? It is yet not known. But, while having a conversation with the reporters on Wednesday, she did say that she could 'recognize [astronauts] and counter to their questions'.

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