Cricket - Drones eye will take you to the boundary now!

09-Feb-2021 , Updated on 2/9/2021 3:28:41 AM

Cricket - Drones eye will take you to the boundary now!

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Ever since cricket was derived in the Sixteenth Century, the sport has succeeded a long way. With its continuous evolution with time, technology has also kept up with the stride and has altered according to new tendencies. Today, the ultimate experience of watching a cricket match and tournament is far more fascinating and technologically-driven as compared to the 1990s or 1980s.

Cricket Drones eye will take you to the boundary now

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Ministry of Civil Aviation on Monday announced that they have consented to conditional freedom to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for the deployment of drone cameras for live aerial cinematics of the Indian Cricket Season in the year 2021. The dependent exemption is valid till 31st December 2021.

Cricket Drones eye will take you to the boundary now

The declaration by the ministry also explained that the BCCI will have to attain essential authorizations from the Local Administrations such as -

Ministry of Defence 

Ministry of Home Affairs

Air Defence Clearance from Indian Air Force

Airport Authority of India (AAI) as applicable.

Before the endeavor of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS).

Cricket Drones eye will take you to the boundary now

Changing With Time

In a proposal to encourage cricket entertainment on the digital platform and have a better fan following, Intel prefers to further participate in a great way and needs to change the way cricket is driven. The International Cricket Council (ICC) is approving new technologies to carry with the digital age. In the year 1992 at Durban, during India tour to South Africa, the theory of a third umpire appeared into existence, who could review the decisions of run-outs, stumping, LBW, and sometimes boundaries.

Decision Review System (DRS) came into presence 16 years after that during the Test series between India and Sri Lanka. This technique renders the opportunity to the players to challenge the decisions given by the on-field umpires and move upstairs to the third umpire and wait for the decisions with the help of technology. Since then the sport has glimpsed numerous technologies like Hawk-Eye, Ultra Edge, Snickometer, Hot Spot which are carried into existence. 

Cricket Drones eye will take you to the boundary now

Spider Cam, Stump Camera, PitchVision, LED Bails have strengthened the direction we use to watch the sport of cricket. 

How will the Drone be used? 

Drones are all about the data that they collect. The quantity of data that they assemble is massive. They are modern flying computers.

When you look at a glance at the drone, you need to think of it in three pieces. One is regulating a drone, which has data collection as well. It is named command and supervision. The second is data that is accumulated on the payload, which signifies transmitting a video or an image.

Then few data-packets appear from a drone to a Cloud or a device. The collection of files can then be sent on a PC or in Cloud. You can imagine that data on a tablet, phone, or computer worldwide. So, it is kept in Cloud for which you can look at it in multiple places.

Cricket Drones eye will take you to the boundary now

Cricket Experience

Cricket experience from an aerial view will be splendid, the audience will reach each area, the drone will capture every tiny aspect of the Indian cricket match, now watching six will be more fascinating, we usually watch a six-hit at the ground and the ball going up, now the experience will be changed, we will witness the ball coming towards us. It will be more dramatic and crazy. 

I wish this could be regulated and added to the cricket experience all over the world.

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