WordPress Vs Weebly: A Comparative Guide

WordPress Vs Weebly: A Comparative Guide

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Having a website has become a crucial aspect for merchants to access higher profits and sales. Because with the help of a website merchants can efficiently showcase their visions and services to their target audience without any hassles. Further, a website also aids merchants in making their brand look more authentic and more trustworthy as well. However, for merchants who do not have any basic knowledge about the web development process, creating a website from scratch can be a quite daunting task. In such cases, choosing the right platform and seeking authentic help is a must for them.

Further, amongst all the pre-planning that merchants are required to do to make their website thrive in its full potential the most crucial one is choosing the right CMS for their website. As with the help of the right CMS, merchants can easily create unique and the box website without any hassles. But with the variety of options available in the market choosing the right one can be very confusing for merchants. For this merchants can also hire WordPress developers as well. With this article today, we will take an in-depth look into the two most popular website creation platforms Weebly and Wordpress. But before we dive into that let us understand a little more about each of them. 

What is WordPress? 

WordPress is an amazing CMS that comes in both paid and free versions. And a majority of the website on the web is powered by the WordPress. It is well known for providing a unique and easy to use the backend to its users. And merchants can also take aid from Wordpress development companies to create custom solutions for their business as well. 

What is Weebly? 

Weebly is also another well known CMS that can easily aid developers in creating an amazing website. It is also quite similar to WordPress in terms of functionality and features as well. It is also used by well-known companies to manage their websites. 

Weebly Vs. WordPress 

Although both the CMSs are almost similar in functionalities and features there are still a number of differences between these two platforms. This makes it crucial for merchants to create a deep understanding of both WordPress and Weebly. As with a proper understanding they can easily choose the right platform according to their business requirements. Below is a detailed list of the major difference between WordPress and Weebly: 

WordPress is an open-source platform whereas Weebly is a completely self-hosted service. For merchants, this means that by choosing Weebly they’ll have to abide by its terms and conditions. However, in WordPress, the usage right completely belongs to them.  

Further, both WordPress and Weebly provide an extensive set of features to merchants to aid them in expanding their website’s functionality efficiently. However, WordPress provides a wider range of plugins to users which makes expanding the website’s functionality easier for them. Whereas Weebly comes with a built-in set of tools. 

Moreover, for businesses planning to open an online shop WordPress provides the WooCommerce plugin that can efficiently aid them in expanding their website’s functionality. However, the eCommerce features in Weebly is quite basic and doesn’t leave much room for expansion as well.  

To wrap up 

Both Wordpress and Weebly are amazing CMS platforms. However, for merchants trying to expand their website’s functionality while accessing easy to use backend, WordPress is a much wiser alternative. So use Wordpress CMS today to create your website and achieve higher profits and sales.

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