The Largest Human Gathering: KUMBH


The Largest Human Gathering: KUMBH

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This is the pilgrimage city Prayagraj Where the world's largest fair seems to be. Whose beauty fascinates the world. Where the three pure rivers meet whose bank welcomes the largest pilgrimage without an invitation and it settles in the confluence of the Sangam.

When the name of Prayag comes on tongue, the mind becomes religious. People always visit the beauty and attributes of this city and, If we talk about Kumbh Mela it is something beyond imaginations UNESCO considered it to be the world's largest human gathering event, and considered it the World Heritage in the year 2019 just before the Kumbh Mela was organized. It was spread across 3200 hectare, the government claimed that 15 crore people were there in the fair last time, but when the fair was over on March 5, the number of people participating in this fair in Sangam reached 22 crore which is somewhere a world record

There is a confluence of Ganga-Yamuna and the invisible Saraswati in Prayagraj. The tradition of gathering here in the month of Magh is coming from ancient times. The most important feature of pilgrimage is the Kalpvas, away from the dazzle of the fair, camps with small tents are made within the fair with the backbone of faith.

The real meaning of Kalpavas is rejuvenation. This rejuvenation should be both body and soul. For this legal rejuvenation, the holy fort on the shore which is celebrated for a month, is the same Kalpvas.

People from all parts of the country come to the confluence of the Sangam to concoct. Before coming here, Kalpvasi bring Tulsi and Barley seeds from the house and they start planting their camp's head and start worshiping them. At the end of Magh, when they leave they flow Basil in the Ganges.

There is abstinence within the person who is kalpvasi. He lives in a different world as long as he lives here, they have been seen rising above temptation, they sleep on the ground in their small camp and dine one time instead of two. They put fast or take fasting foods sometimes and worship god.

Kumbh Mela is very birding. It gets very beautiful in the glare at night, all the melodious voices of Bhajan Kirtan fill the devotees with devotion. In every sector, the pandals of distinguished Baba fascinate the mind. People who go to visit often go here and with great immersion, the Kalpvasis listen to the discourse given by the Mahatma and try to bring it down in their life.

Kalpvas also participate in the royal bath with all the anchors in the confluence. There is a crowd of millions of people on the Sangam Ghat during the royal bath. The people who are desperate to take a dip of virtue have no trouble with the crowd there.

Over time, some changes have also been made in the way of Kalpvas, many young people switched themselves to Kalpvasis in helping with their elders. Not only young, but all the foreigners around the world are fascinated by the sacrifice of people here and living in the shelter of the Mahatmas who spend their whole life in meditation in spirituality.

At present, there is no age fixed for Kalpvas but it is believed that a person who is free from moksha and fulfillment of responsibilities should be consulted because self-control is considered difficult for the person tied to the responsibilities. According to the Mahabharata, the benefits of Kalpvas in all the religious texts are received, which is the result of performing austerity without taking hundred years of food.

Kumbha, Ardhkumbh and Magh Mela are such religious events that are discussed in the whole world. It does not require any publicity, neither do the people have to convince one to come here. A date of the calendar invites millions of people to visit Kumbh Mela.

Now the most important question arises: Will those banks of river Ganga and river Yamuna be filled with devotees and pilgrims this time, do this pandemic hit them as well. 

Lets wait and watch the numbers of the crowd this time. 

People have resumed all their daily practices and work with safety measures.

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