World Heart Day 2020 : One Should Keep It Healthy


World Heart Day 2020 : One Should Keep It Healthy

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World Heart Day 2020: To make people aware of heart health, World Heart Day is celebrated every year on 29 September. The beginning of celebrating this special day was first started in the year 2000.

At that time it was decided that World Heart Day would be celebrated on the last Sunday of September every year, but in the year 2014, the date of September 29 was fixed to celebrate this special day. The purpose behind celebrating this day is to make people aware of heart diseases.

In today's time, due to the wrong lifestyle, people suffering from heart disease can be seen from a young age to old age. Heart disease is emerging as a serious disease in the whole world today. At present, every fifth person in India is a heart patient. 

According to the World Heart Federation, around 18 million people die every year due to heart-related diseases. The risk of heart disease is increasing among the youth over the age of 35 due to an inactive lifestyle and poor eating habits. 

In the last 5 years, the number of people suffering from heart problems has increased rapidly. Most of them are men and women in the age group of 30-50 years. This year, the theme for World Heart Day 2020 has been 'Use heart to beat cardiovascular disease'. 

Exercise plays an important role in making heart-healthy. Cardio exercise increases the heart's ability to pump and the heart muscles become healthy. By regular exercise, blood pressure remains under control, bad cholesterol is reduced in the body and blood sugar is also controlled. 

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Stress has become an integral part of the life of all of us, especially most urban people live under stress regarding their work. When your body is under stress, it affects every part of the body. During stress, the adrenalin hormone starts to be produced in greater quantity in the body, if it starts happening regularly then the chances of heart diseases increase. 

Due to lack of time, many people start working by reducing their sleep. They compromise sleep to fulfill their ambitions, which is especially dangerous for health. Getting less than 7-8 hours of sleep increases the chances of heart diseases. 

By having regular health checkups, you can avoid the risk of heart diseases. Because by doing this, if you have any problem, then it will be diagnosed on time and by starting treatment in time, the disease will be prevented from becoming serious. So keep your check up regularly and monitor your health.

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