Happy Birthday Shaheed-E-Azam Bhagat Singh : Why Didn't He Believe In God

Happy Birthday Shaheed-E-Azam Bhagat Singh : Why Didn't He Believe In God

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Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh has his birthday on today i.e. 28 September. He was born 1907. There was always a curiosity about Bhagat Singh whether he was a believer or an atheist. Whether or not he believed in the power of God.

What did they consider themselves in terms of religion? He wrote an article answering all these questions. In which, it was openly written about what they really are, what their faith is, what they believe. This article is still very relevant today.

Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh wrote an article on 27 September 1931 while in jail. The title of the article was 'Why am I an atheist?' This article was published by the famous Lahore newspaper 'The People'. In this article, Bhagat Singh raised many logical questions on the existence of God. 

The article also analyzed the creation of the world, the birth of humans, the imagination of God in the minds of people, the helplessness of humans in the world, exploitation, chaos in the world and situations of discrimination. This article is counted among the most discussed and influential parts of Bhagat Singh's writing. It has also been published many times. 

'Why am I an atheist?' There is an interesting anecdote behind article writing. It is said that when the freedom soldier Baba Randhir Singh came to know that Bhagat Singh did not believe in God, then somehow he reached his cell to meet Bhagat Singh in jail. Where Bhagat Singh was kept. Randhir Singh was also lodged in the Central Jail of Lahore during the year 1930-31. 

He was a very religious person. He asked Bhagat Singh to believe in the existence of God. He gave all the arguments for that. Tried a lot of convincing. But even after so much hard work, they could not succeed. 

Angered by the failure in his cause, Baba Randhir told Bhagat Singh that you are doing all this to be famous. Your mind is damaged. You have become egoistic. The temptation to be famous has become like a black screen between you and God. 

Bhagat Singh did not respond to Randhir Singh's allegations at that time, but a few days later, in response, he wrote an article, and this article was 'Why am I an atheist?' Name of 

A new question has arisen. Do I not believe in the existence of the most powerful, omnipresent, and omniscient God because of any ego? Some of my friends, perhaps by saying so, I am not much right on them, in my little contact with me, I am eager to come to the conclusion that I am going beyond the necessity of denying the existence of God, Pride has somewhat provoked me to this mistrust. 

I do not boast that I am far above human weaknesses. I am a human being, and nothing more. No one can claim to be more than this. This weakness is also within me. The ego is also part of my nature. I was called a dictator among my colleagues. Even my friends used to say this to me sometimes. I have also been condemned on many occasions. 

Some friends have a complaint, and seriously, that I unknowingly impose my thoughts, on them and get my proposals made to them. This is also true to some extent. I do not deny it. It can be called an ego. As far as our own opinion is concerned, compared to other popular votes. I am certainly proud of my opinion. But this is not personal. 

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It may happen that I am only proud of my faith and it cannot be called arrogance. Pride is an excess of undue pride in oneself. Is it an unreasonable pride that led me to atheism? Or did I disbelieve God after studying this subject very carefully and considering it carefully? 

I could not understand at all how improper pride or boast could stop a person from becoming a believer. In fact, I can deny the greatness of any great person. Provided that even if I do not have that talent, or even if I do not really have the characteristics to be great, I get the same popularity to some extent. 

Even the matter is understandable. But how can a believer give up believing in God because of his personal ego? There can be only two types of things. Man either started thinking of himself as a rival of God or started believing that he is God himself. But in both these situations, he cannot become a true atheist. 

In the first situation, he does not deny the existence of his opponent, in the second situation he accepts the existence of a power that conducts all the activities of nature by remaining invisible. For us, there is no meaning that he considers himself as the supreme authority or he considers any supreme power as separate from himself. The basic thing remains as it is. His faith is as it is. He is not an atheist by any means. 

If a member of Shaheed Bhagat Singh's family were to be believed, he was not an atheist. This member of the family is Yadavinder Singh Sandhu, grandson of Bhagat Singh. Yadvinder says that Bhagat Singh was against superstition and belief in fate. 

Yadavinder Singh Sandhu had said in an interview with the media that his family has always been an Arya Samaj. His grandfather was against people living only in the name of God, luck, and fruits of deeds. But this does not mean that he was an atheist.

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