Bhikaji Cama- The Lady Who Raised Indian Flag On British Sol First

Bhikaji Cama- The Lady Who Raised Indian Flag On British Sol First

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'Look at the world, this is the flag of India. This is what the people of India represent, salute it. The people of India have watered this flag with their blood. Have given life in defense of its honor. I take this flag in hand and appeal to the people of the world who love the freedom to support Indian freedom fighters.'

Bhikaji Cama gave this same speech after hoisting the Indian flag on foreign soil for the first time. Her furious speech was greeted by the people present there with thunderous applause. Bhikaji Cama is the first Indian woman to wave the Indian flag on foreign soil for the first time in 1907. 

Bhikaji Cama hoisted this flag at the Second International Socialist Congress held in Stuttgart, Germany. It was completely different from today's flag. It is said that all countries participating in the International Socialist Congress had a flag. The British flag was installed for India. Madam Bhikaji Cama did not approve of this. She made a new flag and hoisted it in the assembly. It was the first time that an Indian flag was hoisted on foreign soil for the first time. 

The flag made by Bhikaji Cama was completely different from today's flag. It had three stripes of green, yellow, and red. The top was green, on which 8 lotus flowers were made. These eight flowers represented the 8 provinces of India at that time. There was a yellow stripe in the middle. Vande Mataram was written on the yellow strip. At the bottom was a blue strip, on which the sun and moon were made. This flag is still preserved in Pune's Kesari Maratha Library 

Bhikaji Cama was born on 24 September 1861 at the home of Sorab Ji Patel, a wealthy Parsi Bhikai in Bombay. Bhikai Patel was a famous personality of the Parsi community at that time. Bhikaji did her studies from the Alexandra Native Girls English Institution. In 1885 he was married to Rustom Cama. Rustom was a pro-British lawyer who later wanted to become a leader. Bhikaji did not get along with him because of his thoughts. She started spending most of her time in social work. 

In 1896, plague disease showed its outbreak in the then Bombay state. While serving the victims, Bhikaji herself came in the grip of this disease. Her health worsened a lot. She was later sent to the UK for better treatment. At the same time, she came in contact with Indian nationalist Shyamji Krishna Verma. At that time Shyam Ji Krishna Verma used to be very popular in the Indian community of Britain. 

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After a few years, that moment also came in Bhikaji's life for which he is still remembered. On 22 August 1907, when representatives of socialist parties from all over the world gathered in Stuttgart, Bhikaji Cama put the entire situation of famine in India in front of the people present there.

She waved the Indian flag in front of big socialist leaders around the world, citing human rights, equality, and independence from Britain. This courage of Bhikaji Cama made a lot of headlines. This flag designed by Bhikamaji Cama and Shyam Ji Krishna Varma is also seen as the cornerstone of the current Indian flag.

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