World Is Seeking Reduced Parliament


World Is Seeking Reduced Parliament

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The construction work for the new and big parliament building in our country will start soon. Which will be made according to more member capacity. Then 1400 members will be able to sit simultaneously in both houses of Parliament.

In our country, it is also believed that in order to improve the efficiency of Parliament in the coming years, the number of MPs should be increased in proportion to the population, but in many countries of the world, the voice of the Parliament is being reduced but some countries have raised So the work of implementing it has also started.

The size of the parliament in Italy has been reached. Opinions are being sought from voters there. The same is happening in Germany. There has also been a demand in Britain and France to shrink the Parliament and reduce the number of members. The Parliament of the European Union representing 27 countries is also being shortened. Its number of members is decreasing. 

The Parliament of Italy also has two houses. The House of Representatives has 630 members and the Upper House Senate has 315 members. For the past few years, there has been a demand to shorten the Parliament. Now he is having an opinion on it. In Germany, there is a debate on shortening the Parliament. However, there is another problem. 

In recent years, the Conservative Party in Britain has consistently demanded to reduce 50 seats in the House of Commons. French President Emmanuel Macron has said that he wants his country's parliament to be reduced by a third. 

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In Italy, the Samajwadi Party is currently a coalition government of the PD and the populist Five Star Party. Making the Parliament small and effective has been the demand of the Five Star Party. 

In 2019, the alliance of PD and Five Star Party proposed to reduce the size of the Parliament by one third. This proposal was passed with the support of some other major parties. Through this proposal, the number of MPs per 100,000 residents was reduced from 1.6 to 1. This ratio is 0.9 in Germany, 1.4 in France and 2.1 in Britain. Now Italian voters are expressing their opinion through a referendum. 

In the bill that is being decided, it is proposed to increase the number of members of the House of Representatives to 400 from 630 and the number of Senate members from 315 to 200. Proponents of the proposal say that this will improve the work of Parliament. Money will also be saved. 

The Five Star Party says that by shortening the parliament in the next ten years will save 1 billion euros, that is, about 100 million euros every year. Opponents of the proposal believe that there will be saved but not Euro 100 million, but a maximum Euro 50 million. 

In Germany, there is a debate on shortening the Parliament. But Germany's problem is the second. Parliament seats are fixed. 299 members are elected by direct voting in constituencies like India. The same number of seats are decided by the second vote received by the parties, the composition of the parliament depends on the percentage of the parties in the second vote. 

In order to make the elected representative, there is a provision to give additional seats in addition to the seats won directly. But in the last years, the number of additional seats has increased due to the arrival of new parties. At present, there are 709 seats in the German Parliament instead of 598. 

The problem of this election process is that before voting no one knows how many members of Parliament will be there. It all depends on the participating parties in every province of the country, the votes they get, and the seats they win directly in that state. 

Here, with the election of every parliament, not only the expenditure increase but also the burden of making complete arrangements like office, assistant personnel, and security for new MPs. 

These additional seats often decide which party will form the government, so it is not easy for political parties to agree to change it.

In India, it is believed that the way our population is increasing, the proportion of population and people's representatives should change accordingly. Former President Pranab Mukherjee even in his speech had said to double the number of Lok Sabha members in Parliament. Some other reports have also given such suggestions.

In the new Parliament building for which construction work is being started in Delhi, it is already being constructed according to the increased member capacity.

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