Beware Of Digital Espionage Tracking Your Data


Beware Of Digital Espionage Tracking Your Data

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Cases of online fraud and digital espionage are growing rapidly among the Coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19). This is the reason why people have been asked by the government to be vigilant even till the bank.

Many times you have to suffer heavy losses due to online fraud. Actually, much important information is available on a mobile phone or laptop computer, from personal details and payment. Cybercrime Investigation Expert Amit Malhotra claims that over 20 lakh databases have been stolen with the help of TikTok, PUBG, and other Chinese apps.

Digital espionage of data takes place in three ways. To steal data in the public domain through the internet, stolen data from different apps from people's mobiles and computers, and thirdly the databases of big companies.

Many times in the app present in mobile, the data is fully informed and that data also reaches the third party. 

Unknown mail Do not open any attachment or link attached to it. Check the URL directly to see if it is okay.

Send and write encrypted mail only. Immediately block suspicious mail. If you are getting mail of free Covid-19 testing then you can be hacked.

Do not open such mail. Apart from this, disable unnecessary access to the app before downloading any app on mobile. Keep two mail IDs, do not connect the ID with bank communication to the mobile.

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Apart from Europe, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, America, China etc. countries have data protection laws. 

A recent report said that China is spying over 10,000 important figures of India. The spying is being carried out against a company based in Zhenhua Data Information Tech, based in Shenzhen, China.

This company belongs to the ruling Communist Party of China. The Chinese company through which this espionage is being done is known for doing real-time surveillance on a large scale in India. Now you should know what is the whole game of 'Hybrid Warfare' and how and how much China can harm India.

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