Why Pune City Has Topped The Coronavirus Cities List ?


Why Pune City Has Topped The Coronavirus Cities List ?

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Since the opening of Lockdown, the cases of Coronavirus have increased very rapidly across the country and are increasing continuously. Under these circumstances, Pune has become the biggest bastion of the Covid-19 epidemic, leaving behind hotspot cities like Mumbai and Chennai.

Although the entire district administration was busy with promptness to control the epidemic, the situation in Pune went on uncontrollably. Why did this happen? There are many things, which expose mistakes, mistakes, and negligence (Administration Failures). Teaches lessons to other cities and shows a scary picture.

How serious the situation has become in Pune, you will guess from the figures. The total cases of virus infection in India are more than 50 lakhs and in Maharashtra 11 lakhs. After the figures came out on Wednesday, there have been a total of 2,35,852 cases in Pune.

Till a few days ago, Mumbai was the district which had the maximum number of cases, but according to the data till last Wednesday, now there are about 180,000 cases here. That is, Pune has gone far ahead. 

On the other hand, more than 82 thousand deaths have taken place across the country, of which 5366 deaths have been reported in Pune. About 48 thousand active cases are in Pune district and every day the number of new cases has crossed the figure of four and a half thousand. The reasons behind this caseload in Pune are well known. 

At the beginning of the lockdown, it was happening that on reaching any new case, the administration was interested in quarantining or testing them by reaching out to their close contacts.

But this is not happening now. In this case, a detailed report of Pune Mirror says that many close relatives of Corona positive persons said that no administrative representative reached them, nor did any screening take place. It has been claimed in the report through not one but many case studies, but Pune Municipality i.e. PMC claims that no effort was left in contact tracing. 

According to Dr. Vaishali Jadhav, head of the contact tracing unit, at least a dozen contacts of every new Kovid patient are being screened. At the same time, infectious disease experts said this claim as hollow and said that the administration has failed on this front from the beginning and since the lockdown has been opened, its pole has been exposed in Pune. 

The major reason behind the pandemic in Pune has been the late arrival of test reports. Every infected person, with or without symptoms, spreads the infection and the district failed to avoid this danger when the report came late.

Another disadvantage of this lethality was that the infected could get treatment late, due to which the number of deaths also increased. The third disadvantage is that the report could not be analyzed in time when it was late, and the arrangements to overcome dangerous zones by fixing them properly could not be done in time. 

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There was also a theory that weather was one of the reasons for the spread of infection in Pune so fast. This theory also got the support of some experts. According to Dr. Pradeep Avate, who has previously worked in swine flu control, the cold, humid, and humid weather in Pune in the last few months helped the virus to spread and spread.

While referring to Pune's weather as more suitable for the virus than Mumbai, Avate also said that in 2009, at the time of swine flu, Pune had the highest caseload. 

In order to overcome the corona in Pune, who are suffering from all these reasons and concerns, experts are believing that now citizens will have to participate with the administration.

Along with all the precautions, people have to be aware of their symptoms and take care of things like testing and isolation on time. On the other hand, the news of relief has come that under the 'My family is my responsibility' campaign, it is seen that the situation in the rural areas of Pune has not been uncontrolled at the moment.

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