Corona Threat Through Coughing And Laughing


Corona Threat Through Coughing And Laughing

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The world has been facing an outbreak of Coronavirus for almost nine months and research is going on continuously about this virus. About this virus caused by Covid 19 disease, it is now being ascertained how much or how it can spread by speaking and singing .

In two recent studies (Study on Corona) it was observed that what is the pattern of microscopic particles (Aerosol) coming out of the mouth during speaking and singing, and how the infection spread by speaking or singing of a Corona Positive?  

Swedish researchers tested on Covid 19 positive and 12 negative people, half of whom were professional opera singers. When positive and negative people talk or sing, all these people were asked to speak and sing in a chamber alternately to see how microparticles spread in the atmosphere.  

Such studies have revealed very interesting and useful aspects. Can you guess what kind of words or letters more subtle particles come out of our mouth, and which letters are less than speaking?  

The singers who were used were asked to sing a child poem several times on the same pitch, and along with the words of that poem, they were asked to sing only in vowels without words. The results were very interesting.  

The higher you sing, the more particles will be released. More subtle particles i.e. aerosol are produced by the pronunciation of the letters like P, B, R, T. 

These results were found in research at Lund University in Sweden, but another important point came out in another similar research at Bristol University.  

During the song, a significant amount of respiration particles are not released whereas on the same pitch there are more than speaking.  

From this researches, it was understood that immediately after the conversation of two persons suffering from Covid 19, there were not many viruses found in the air, which could be detected. But researchers are also saying that the airways and how the person is suffering from the virus depend on how much the virus load in the air. 

Not only this, but the possibility of infection with aerosol in the surrounding air also can not be ruled out by the song of a Kovid person. 

No. It's not like that. Researchers have assumed that this research does not mean that singing or singing programs should be stopped, but that you can sing and listen to singing, taking care of social distancing, better cleaning, and ventilation, but If you wear a mask, the danger will be less.  

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In this researches, it was also emphasized that ventilation should also be better if there are more listeners in a singing program, or else moving in a limited range of air in places like AC or closed rooms can increase the risk of infection. Indian experts have also accepted this matter.  

ENT specialist Sarjna Dr. C. Shekhar Singh says that the normal emphasis is on the nose, mouth, and throat to talk normally but more on loud speaking, shouting, coughing, or sneezing. More emphasis on the muscles leads to more aerosols. Therefore, wearing masks and keeping a distance is important.  

On the other hand, according to Dr. KK Agarwal, former head of the Indian Medical Association, the distance of three feet is not safe during the actions like speaking, shouting or coughing, but should be at least six feet. To avoid asymptomatic carriers of infection, experts are advising that it is better to avoid loud voices, shouts or loud laughs in public places.

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