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Know About Facebook Campus Feature

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Facebook has introduced a new social media platform for college students, named Facebook Campus. College students will be able to connect with their classmates through the Facebook campus app.

Facebook has introduced its campus app in view of the increasing popularity of online classes. The Facebook campus platform is being initially launched with 30 colleges in the US, although Facebook has not said anything about the launch of this app in other countries. 

This feature of the Facebook campus will be available in the main app of Facebook itself, however, to activate it, students will have to provide the college's email ID and year of graduation. Apart from this, students will also be able to provide information about class and their home address. 

Through this feature, students will be able to easily search the groups and events of their school/college campus.

Content shared on the Facebook campus will only be visible on campus. Also, if you block someone on Facebook, then they will not be able to find you on the Facebook campus. Facebook has been working for the campus for the past several months. 

The content related to the college will also be seen on the timeline of the students present on the Facebook campus. In addition, students will be able to continuously find out about their classmates, groups, and events. 

If a student wants, he can form a separate group in the campus itself. Content posted on the Facebook campus will only be visible on campus. The Facebook campus will also have a classmate directory containing information about all former students. 

Students have to create a new profile for the campus section. However, for this your main page profile photo and cover image will be required. With this, students can share information related to their classrooms and home. Facebook says that the more information students share, they will be able to connect with each other easily. With the help of this feature, Facebook will have more data than what college students are studying and what they are doing.

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If you are also missing your college then you can become a part of the Facebook Campus. To use this feature, users have to provide their .edu mail address and graduation year. After this, the student will have to create a new profile for the Campus section. Which will have the user's profile photo and only image. After this, students have to share their class and home address, etc. 

The privacy of the student will be taken care of in the Facebook Campus feature. In this, only campus related news will be available. Also here you will get campus directory, with the help of which you will be able to share information about your friends and classmatesevents and seminars etc. Also, chatting facility will be available in it.

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