Drink a lot of water, one of the Nutritional recommendations to combat Covid-19


Drink a lot of water, one of the Nutritional recommendations to combat Covid-19

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Drink a lot of water, one of the Nutritional recommendations to combat Covid-19

Only with nutritional measures and modifying our eating way cannot cure the infection by coronavirus or the other potentially deadly viruses such as the flu. But introducing some essential nutrients into our body can indeed help reduce the risk of contracting an infection. The pathological consequences, if the disease occurs, are milder.

Thus there are serious studies regarding the deficiency of vitamins D and C, deficiencies of omega-three fats, and some minerals such as zinc, among others, in the susceptibility to becoming infected by the coronavirus and its severity the process. This is always a statistical question. No matter how much vitamin D the person takes (be careful, the excess is toxic), if the basic rules of protection are not followed, you will end up infected.

Given the global impact of the problem, the Spanish professional societies related to nutrition and health have agreed on some basic rules that the Spanish population, in general, must follow and especially patients who suffer mild versions of the infection and who pass it without leaving their addresses.

-It is crucial to maintain adequate hydration. Drink all the amount of water you want only at the demand of the thirst you feel. Older people should plan to drink between a litre and a half and two litres in a day, even if you feel thirsty. This virus, like the flu virus, likes glucose. The metabolism of this sugar favours the replication of the virus in the cells. Also, it favours the production of this «cytokine storm,» which, as we already said, is what causes the most serious infection problems. Thats why it is recommended to eat at least five servings a day of fruits, vegetables, and vegetables in stews that do not contain many saturated fats of animal origin. They have few calories and provide complex carbohydrates, they do not increase blood glucose, and their fibre favours the growth of good bacteria in the intestines.

-Complete the vegetables with whole grains and various legumes, if possible, in low-calorie stews and do not abuse the seeds such as sunflower seeds.

-You have to eat fish every day, preferably oily fish, in various forms and stews, including canned ones and especially fermented ones such as anchovies.

-Consume skimmed milk daily and in moderation in both adults and children.

-Avoid industrial processed foods and juices and dairy and ice cream with added fruit or flavourings, containing a lot of sugar. It is mostly advisable to take at least one natural yoghurt a day.

-Do not abuse distilled alcoholic beverages and consume fermented beverages such as wine or beer in moderation.

-The infusions, tea or coffee, and chocolate are not harmful.

The courage that we are going to overcome this crisis. Our sun and its ultraviolet radiation will help us. We just have to do our part to be rigorous in following the recommended rules to avoid contagion.

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