Time For Change In Agriculture Export Policy


Time For Change In Agriculture Export Policy

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Of course at this time, new possibilities of increasing agricultural exports are being created in the country. According to the report on agricultural exports released from the Ministry of Agriculture on August 18, agricultural exports rose to Rs 25,552 crore during March to June amidst the challenges of Covid-19.

It was Rs 20,734 crore in the same period a year ago. India ranks second in the world in terms of wheat production, while 34th in exports. It is second in fruit production and 23rd in exports. Strategic efforts are being made to realize the possibility of making India the top exporting country in global agricultural exports. 

There are some other reasons for increasing agricultural exports. The government has promoted greater value and value-added agricultural exports under the Agricultural Export Policy.

To curb the fluctuations in the production and domestic prices of exported agricultural commodities, efforts have been made to provide short-term goals and support prices to farmers and provide protection to the domestic industry.

Also, maximum participation in agricultural exports of states, improvement in infrastructure and logistics, and research and development of new agricultural products have been encouraged. 

According to AK Gupta, director of the Basmati Export Development Foundation (BEDF), under the country's Agricultural and Processed Food Products Development Authority (APEDA), the country's agricultural exports stood at over $ 30 billion last year, but the government has continued to increase agriculture by 2022.

A comprehensive action plan has been prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture to meet the target of exporting products to $ 60 billion. Export promotion platform (EPF) has been formed under APEDA for the cultivation of nutritious grains and flowers like grapes, mango, banana, onion, rice. 

The economic package that the Finance Minister has given and the main goals of making the rural economy the foundation of self-sufficiency by improving farming and farming will increase agricultural exports. On 10 August, Prime Minister Modi launched a funding facility of Rs 1 lakh crore for the infrastructure fund.

Under this, the government will take a credit guarantee of up to two crore rupees for setting up agriculture credit societies, farmer groups, farmer producer organizations (FPOs), agri-entrepreneurs, startups, and industries related to food processing and ensure a three percent annual concession in interest. has gone. 

The recently launched farmer train can also play an important role in increasing agricultural exports. The train will take oranges and other fruits and vegetables from Maharashtra to Bihar without losing time and will return to Maharashtra with litchi and other fruits and vegetables.

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This will benefit all the cities and villages falling in the way. With this, farmers will get good prices, while consumers will get fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices. 

Standards should be changed to suit the interests of agricultural exporters so that agricultural exporters can get working capital easily. The government will also have to take care of several issues like currency fluctuations of other countries, difficulties in customs, and service tax. Also, world-class infrastructure, research facilities, and testing laboratories have to be strengthened in identified food parks. 

Implementation of the recommendations made by the High-Level Expert Group on Agricultural Exports constituted by the 15th Finance Commission to the government will also be beneficial.

The effective implementation of the Agriculture and Rural Development Program announced under the Self-Reliant India Campaign will also increase agricultural exports in the country.

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