Bengaluru Communal Violence Case : Social Media And The Fire Of Communalism


Bengaluru Communal Violence Case : Social Media And The Fire Of Communalism

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Bengaluru Communal Violence Case : The fire of communalism has been hitting the nations before and since Independence. Now in the modern world of digital space, Social Media has become the biggest media tool to express ourselves, to share our thoughts and opinions.

It is the easiest way to form out the freedom of expression but again in context to the Constitution of India we are getting impractical. According to the article of 19 - 'Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.'   

But it has certain riders which is subjected to law and order, morality and health, The yesterday incident of Bengaluru communal violence led via social media post has made us see the fiery yet dangerous connection between Social Media and Communalism. 

What Is The Bengaluru Communal Violence ?  

The mob attacked the house of Congress MLA Srinivas Murthy in Bangalore on Tuesday night. The mob armed with sticks and vandalized and opened fire. Stoned on the arrival of the police, in which 60 policemen, including the Additional Police Commissioner, suffered injuries. To control the situation, the police had to fire, in which two miscreants were killed. 

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This whole ruckus started with a Facebook post. It is alleged that nephew of Congress MLA Srinivas Murthy posted a provocative post on Facebook. After this post, at 9.30 on Tuesday night, the mob attacked MLA Srinivas Murthy's house and DJ Halli police station in East Bengaluru. 

About 10 to 15 cars of police were burnt by people of a community who raged on Facebook posts. The MLA set fire to some parts of the residence. After midnight, the police got permission to shoot at the miscreants who were arson. Actually, the crowd got out of control and there was no option left but firing in front of the police. 

Police started firing in the air after midnight. Two people died in police firing. The situation came under control in DJ Halli and KG Halli at 2 pm. Police have arrested 110 people so far. The remaining people are being searched. Along with this, the whole matter is also being investigated. 

Meanwhile, curfew has been imposed in DJ Halli and KG Halli areas, while Section 144 is applicable in the rest of Bangalore. After the uproar, Navin, the nephew of Congress MLA Srinivas Murthy, deleted the post. The accused Naveen has been arrested by the police. Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai said that action will be taken against the miscreants. 

Now that you have understood the case it is important to understand the severe consequences one might face after doing random social media against any community, their god or religious beliefs on the basis of practicality, mythology, anti-women etc. But this action will needly invite reaction which might not be on the social media circles only as expected but would lead to violent attack outside your own house or someone who is linked with you. 

People are very sensitive towards their religious belief and it is okay to accept it as it is and even we wanna do argument do it with sensible people and not the sentimental ones because they would not hesitate to be the perpetrators of tomorrow if you make them the victim of today.

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