Waiting For The Corona Vaccine

11-Aug-2020 , Updated on 8/11/2020 1:58:56 AM

Waiting For The Corona Vaccine

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Despite all efforts, the scope of Corona in the country is expanding. India has reached the top of the world in the number of new cases coming up every day. In the midst of this problem, efforts to improve the situation continue at many levels.

Health workers are standing on this front, apart from efforts to make their own vaccine, efforts are being monitored all over the world for this.

In this sequence, the government has formed a committee of experts, which will be headed by Dr. VK Paul of NITI Aayog. In the event of getting a vaccine, this committee will take care of all aspects of its identity, purchase, distribution, finance, etc., to ensure that it reaches the wider Indian population at the earliest.

Meanwhile, the Serum Institute of India (SII) of Pune has entered into an agreement with Gavi The Vaccine Alliance and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to produce 100 million doses of the corona vaccine. 

SII is the world's largest vaccine producer and under this agreement, it is being given $ 150 million to provide 100 million doses of the vaccine at a price of three dollars (about Rs 225) per dose by the end of 2021.

The special thing is that in this agreement there is no mention of which vaccine is to be produced, which is which. This will depend on which vaccine leads in the trials being run. 

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However, whether at the government level or non-government, the importance of the preparation and distribution of the vaccine cannot be denied. But the situation is not particularly encouraging if we listen to the top experts keeping an eye on the work of developing the vaccine. Corona Virus Advisor of White House, Dr. Antony Fossey, says that in the current situation, vaccines that guarantee 98 percent or more safety cannot be expected. 

Scientists want a vaccine to provide up to 75 percent protection. However, the White House is ready that if the vaccine with 50% safety guarantee is found, then it will also be approved. The second important question is still unanswered, and that is how long the vaccine will become, how long will it affect.

The answer will be available shortly after vaccination when every month's examination will be done to find out how long the antibodies produced in the body remain effective. Obviously, the preparations to get the vaccine and deliver it to the people are reasonable, but it is not appropriate to expect too much from the vaccine. The battle for our defense is still a long time we have to fight with the help of masks and social distancing.

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