In The End Only Knowledge Is Power


In The End Only Knowledge Is Power

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Knowledge is the thing that creates a difference between humans and animals. Man has a brain and the ability to use it accordingly, that is why man is said to be the most powerful and intelligent creature on earth by nature.

Knowledge helps in improving the personality of people. It builds self-confidence and teaches you to be patient to perform difficult tasks in life. We can call knowledge Godmother because it provides the way for all discoveries, inventions and discoveries. 

Knowledge is a very powerful factor, which helps us to get name, fame, success, power, and rank easily in life. We can say that wealth and physical strength are also important tools of power, however, neither of them is as powerful as knowledge.

Money and physical strength can neither buy nor steal knowledge. This can only be achieved through constant practice, perseverance and patience. Knowledge is power, but power does not bring knowledge. 

Knowledge is a state of awareness or understanding gained from experience or study. Knowledge is to learn specific information about something. Knowledge is a source of power for people. No one can defeat knowledge in this world. People's intelligence depends on knowledge but there is only one knowledge that empowers people to live in society. 

There is no limit to acquiring knowledge; This can be achieved individually at any age throughout life. Acquiring knowledge is a long process of dedication, patience, and regularity. It is like unlimited money, which can never end, however, its level can be increased by sharing knowledge among the needy people. A person can gain some new knowledge by regularly examining and experimenting with things. 

Every man is born with the same qualities, brain, and power. However, when he grows/grows, he develops different qualities, brain, and power. All these differences are due to differences in the level of knowledge of each person.

For example, Newton discovered gravity and there are many famous scientists who made many amazing inventions in his life. All this was possible due to the power of knowledge. 

The discovery of modern technology done by various countries together or individually has made those countries much more powerful economically and militarily than other countries and all this has been possible only because of their special knowledge. The secret behind success is the power of knowledge, which gives a person name, wealth, and fame. 

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India has also done a lot of work in the fields of science, research, medicine, education, etc. But even today, despite continuous efforts in many fields, it is a developing country, which is now more powerful by developing in various fields based on knowledge. The country is constantly striving to become one.

The progress of a man or any country depends on the growth of knowledge in various fields in a positive and constructive way. The use of knowledge in a destructive and negative way can endanger the existence of life on earth in a big way. 

Knowledge is very important in our life, without it, our life will become dark. It paves the way for handling situations, planning, turning plans into action, and making impossible things possible.

If one has complete knowledge, then he will be the luckiest and wealthiest person in the world because knowledge can never be stolen nor looted, and even when it is distributed to others, it keeps increasing. This proves that knowledge is one of the most powerful forces in the world.

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