Post Corona Pandemic India Will Replace China As Rising Superpower Economy


Post Corona Pandemic India Will Replace China As Rising Superpower Economy

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There are many hurdles in the way of China becoming a superpower. One obstacle is that most countries of the world, including India, are promoting small and medium enterprises. They are engaged in measures to become self-sufficient.

On the other hand, many countries of the world including the US and Japan are also taking measures to get their companies back from China. This means that China's supply chain will deteriorate and demand its goods will also decrease. In such a situation new opportunities will arise for India. The only need is to understand those opportunities and make strategies accordingly.

Following the increasing infection of the corona virus and the huge loss of life and property in the whole world, many important questions have arisen about the current political, strategic and economic structure of the world. Can China benefit from such a situation and become the world's number one superpower? Can India overtake China and become a superpower by making this disaster an opportunity.

 Mind you, America has been the only superpower in the world for decades and China is trying to take its place. But I believe it will not be easy for China. There are several solid reasons to believe this. The first reason is that China's reputation has deteriorated due to its role in spreading the news about the corona virus and its spread. The countries of the world no longer trust China.

Many countries including the US and European countries are angry with China. They believe that he has hidden the severity of the virus. The G-7 countries with the world's largest economy are considering claiming China $ 6.5 trillion for the ill effects of corona and damage to life and property.

Without understanding what China did that would make it the world's factory, it would not be possible to stop it. Actually, China increased economic power before increasing its military strength. In the same manner that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is talking about making India self-reliant today, China made itself self-sufficient in every respect and then gradually made the countries of the world dependent on themselves. Even though he has achieved self-reliance by imitating others.

Like it does not use Google, the world's largest search engine. It copied Google and made Baidu. Instead of WhatsApp, made WeChat or Alibaba on the lines of Amazon. It has created it's own version of Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix etc. This has two advantages. The first is that all the data or personal information of his own people remained with him, has been on his server and second, the revenue did not go to other countries.

It made the countries of the world dependent on him. India today imports most components from China for its pharmaceutical needs. 70 percent of the worldwide mobile phones are manufactured in China. 80 percent of air conditioners are made in China. Likewise, countries around the world depend on China for cement, solar cells, shoes, toys etc.

But now his credibility has deteriorated, the countries of the world are angry with him and are thinking of making him untouchable. Along with his role in spreading the corona virus infection, his credibility has deteriorated because the PPE kits, medical equipment and testing kits etc. that he has sent to the countries of the world have turned out to be of poor quality. This has reduced the trust of the countries of the world.

Only then is this a good opportunity for India to move forward to leave China behind with a self-sufficient India campaign. For this, India can also adopt the China model. Prime Minister Narendra Modi intends to make India a trillion dollar economy by 2024-25. It is challenging but possible.

We can have a five trillion dollar economy in the next five years. Reforms like demonetisation and GST can play an important role in formalizing the economy. Although the current epidemic crisis has created some obstacles in achieving this goal, but it will be achieved soon.

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However, India will have to make some significant policy and systemic changes to achieve this goal. To make India the next superpower, a separate ministry is needed which is directly under the Prime Minister's Office and it should have some knowledge of technology or economics.

After this, the next need will be to improve law and order, without which we will not be able to move forward. Police and legal reforms should be the first to improve law and order. A good plan and even better discipline is necessary to take the country forward.

For this, it is necessary that all the issues that are disputed and increase social division should be put on hold for a short time. India does not need it right now. The policy of giving too much importance to Pakistan will also have to change.

After all, if we want to compete with China, then there is no point of comparison with Pakistan. After twelfth or graduation, two years of military service should be made compulsory for every person and simultaneously the participation of women in every field should be increased.

After this comes the turn of structural reforms. Economic development cannot be accelerated without a world-class structure. Infrastructure should be developed keeping in mind the needs of the next two-three decades. This structure as well as the Prime Minister's Skill Development Scheme should enable the labor force to be able to increase productivity.

The capacity of production will increase, only then will dependence on China decrease. The coronavirus epidemic has explained to the world the need for health infrastructure. India has certainly learned a lesson from this. There is also a lesson that in the future there may be biological warfare, not molecular. Therefore, it is more important to focus on health services rather than heavy equipment of defense.

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