Alternative Medicines Need Research Not Rejection


Alternative Medicines Need Research Not Rejection

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About a decade and a half ago, when the discussion about stem cell therapy started, it was being claimed that stem cells derived from embryos can cure all the diseases that are said to occur once. If you go, it is never cured like blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis etc.

Recently, when Corona spread in China, it was heard that its traditional medical methods were also used to treat patients there. Then in America, it was said that the use of stem cells is against the human rights of the fetus.

Keep in mind that such things have been happening since the birth of babies through IVF. Actually, when a fetus is developed in a clinic and placed in the mother's womb, not one but many embryos develop.

Only one is needed in the mother's womb, so the rest is destroyed. There was talk of getting stem cells from these embryos. It began to be opposed in the US, while research is going on in many countries. There are advertisements for the treatment of stem cells in our country too. 

Studying about stem cells, the reaction was observed, which said that do you think that the medical mafia will allow any such treatment that can cure life-long diseases? Now, once these diseases are found, then medicine has to be consumed for life. The patient is a hen laying a golden egg for that drug-making company.

That is why any research remains only through mice. Don't know what is the truth, but big pharma companies improve medicines, but there is doubt that they want to eliminate a disease forever? In lieu of life-saving medicines, such medicines are also sold forcefully on their behalf, which is not needed. 

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Years ago, an expert in traditional medicine and oriental learning had said that it is a matter of austerity under which people are said to go into the forest and do austerities with folded hands, it does not make any sense. Such things are an attempt to create confusion because people used to go to the forest to research and research. With which spice, which disease is removed, which posture can be overcome, what are the benefits of Pranayama?

Soil-water natural medicine on which Gandhiji also had great faith, which diseases are cured - all this is the result of intensive research. It has also been learned from the research that arabica has to be sizzled with parsley, eating milk and radish is forbidden, eating betel with ripe jackfruit is prohibited. Rice, radish, curry should not be eaten at night, what are the benefits of milk and curd of which animal? 

Even today, correct estimates of rainfall can be made by looking at the position of clouds and constellations. Ghagh was considered it's expert. All these and thousands of similar things that have been going on for centuries are the result of research, not of doing penance with folded hands. In the language of the West, what is called clinical trial is this research.

The biggest thing is that the kitchen of our homes is also a kind of medical store and the women of the house are doctors. They could prepare medicines from foods and spices. She knew which pulls to tie in different types of boils, which spices, flowers, leaves are prepared from it. Even today, fennel water is drunk not only in India but also in Europe. 

It is said that when Europe and America were tribal societies and there was a real dark age, then all kinds of medical science developed here. Do we know how the dominance of allopathy left all kinds of traditional knowledge out of our lives?

In many countries, medical practices other than allopathy, including homeopathy, are prohibited. Homeopathy cannot be treated in Australia. A family living there reported that one of his friend's children had cancer. He secretly treated homeopathy. No child left. The police sent the parents to jail for this crime. 

Today, those who are treated with alternative medicine are given the name Jhola imprint, without knowing how scientific their method is. This attitude is not comfortable. Due to this attitude, many people start shrinking their nose and eyebrow as soon as the name of Ayurveda comes, whereas it has been being treated here for thousands of years. There can be some good in every traditional knowledge. After all, why not take advantage of them? We know that most diseases are not fully diagnosed in allopathy. 

Yes, there is an immediate relief, which also benefits people, but ever since the targets are being fixed in the hospitals, patients have to go through the treatment without any means or they do not need all the tests. Have to do those which are not necessary. In contrast to allopathy, many diseases are diagnosed in traditional medical methods. There is a need for further research and research, not to dismiss alternative medicine methods outright. In fact whatever is useful in ancient knowledge needs to be saved.

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