Factor crucial apart from Education : Life skills (Part 1)

30-Jun-2020, Updated on 12/20/2022 6:13:35 AM

Factor crucial apart from Education : Life skills (Part 1)

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In this busy world, we are so engrossed with our busy schedules, irrespective of age, nature of the job, and struggles. We somehow forget the quality of life we are living. We forget to think about our inner self and mental health which is equally important to our career and ambitions.

In between the chaos and potential rise, we young generation are not able to use our abilities to the fullest and focus on our mental, physical, emotional health, and social skills. We live in a generation, where there are greater sources of distraction such as drug addiction, lack of emotional balance, physical abuse, decreased self-esteem and confidence, and moral deterioration. This in turn negatively affects in lower esteem making it difficult to handle pressure in personal and professional life and ultimately leading to depression.

Undoubtedly, the wonders young generations can do is unimaginable if channeled and guided through proper mediums. The process of learning and to laid a foundation starts at the early stage of life. Students tend to develop intellectual skills and mental growth at an early stage. Children are pressured to adapt and be accustomed to changes, cope with problems, meet their parent's expectations, and deal with their emotional changes and personal ambition at the same time. As a result without any proper guidance and lack of development they tend to face uncertainties and find themselves less confident and useless if not able to overcome the drawbacks and face the vulnerabilities appropriately

Proper training is required to be given to people at different stages of life to handle the issues of various situations in their personal life, studies, peers, and other members of society, etc. And to inculcate such skills, it needs to be embedded at an early stage, that is, at the student level.

But how ....... ??????


Life skills involve skills and methods which make people unable to tackle difficult situations calmly and lead happy life. It helps individuals to develop a state of mental well-being and positively tackle the situations around them with hope and confidence.

If guided properly, students find themselves confident, and experienced and are prepared to handle the pressure of daily life effectively. Life skills can change our mental setup and analyze situations from various perspectives concluding various outcomes and thus helping in making effective decisions.

It is not so new to our generation as life skills have been evolving from an early duration. But, what is new is understanding it deeply considering today's scenario and incorporating it with the education system.

 It is not that people are not aware of their situations and problems, but what is hindering them and making them depressed are the ways to cope with up and the ways and temperament with which the problem needs to be addressed and solved. Thus, life skills comes as Savior as they can be used in different areas at the same time letting people care for their mental health as well.

The core life skills can be suggested as

1. Self-awareness

2. Critical Thinking

3. Creative thinking

4. Decision Making

5. Empathy

6. Effective communication

7. Coping with stress

8. Coping with emotions

9. Problem Solving

10. Interpersonal Relationship

It is relevant for each individual irrespective of their age, occupation, locality, gender, etc. Focusing and developing these skills can let individuals have a stable, healthier, and stress-free life.

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