International Day Against Drug Abuse 2020 : Youth Dying In front Of Us
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International Day Against Drug Abuse 2020 : Youth Dying In front Of Us

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Substance abuse and drug abuse are also evil. At present, this trend has taken the entire world under its grip. In India, the maximum number of adolescents and youth are under its control, which is a very fatal situation.

Today, India has become seriously infected by substance abuse. Drug abuse is not only making the poorer sections economically and bankrupt but is also robbing them of their physical and mental health. Alcoholic drinks have also been eroding the workforce of these people.

The worrying aspect is that the use of drugs does not only harm the vitality and health of the individual and society but also adversely affects the socio-economic development of the country. 

In the current era, illegal movement and unlimited trade of alcoholic beverages through cross-border neighboring countries such as China, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan etc. have emerged as a serious problem for the nation. Popularly known as the working and prosperous state of the country, Punjab has today been caught in a severe form of intoxication through the smuggling of drugs from the border country Pakistan.

Certainly, this situation has come to the fore as a lamentable erosion of national manpower. The northeastern states of India and parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar bordering Nepal have also become major centers of illicit drug arrivals. 

A large section of the country's metros, especially the youth community, has come under its grip. Its addiction has started reaching medium cities, towns, and rural areas of the country. Hazardous drug addiction has started pushing the entire Indian environment towards stuttering and physical and mental lameness.

Initial addiction to these substances ultimately results in a permanent dependence on them. Due to today's materialistic social attitude, not only the unemployed but also the working and young communities, with the claim of removing the perceived tension and so-called grief, forgetting their present and achieving imaginary goals like pseudo-anxiety, in the grip of drug addiction Is being drowned 

It forgets that this momentary and dreamy happiness is very temporary. As soon as the effects of intoxication come, the person regains the same sadness, tension, and original condition. Intoxication remains only the desire to flee from the truth of life. With the opening of legitimate and illegal 'pubs' from metro cities to metros and now small cities, the prevalence of alcoholism among the youth has increased rapidly. In these pubs, young men and women drive late in the night in a drunken state by drinking alcohol, resulting in horrific accidents and road-rage incidents. 

Statistics show that 40 percent of road accidents result from drunk driving. There have been reports of campaigns such as raids to prevent drug trafficking in different parts of the country by the police and sometimes by the staff of the Narcotics Department.

In these campaigns, it has often come to the fore that agents of smugglers have provided deadly drugs not only to the general public but also to the students studying in higher education institutions of the country. 

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According to psychologists about 60 million people in the country are suffering from depression and anxiety. Most of them are young men and girls and teenage groups. Medical stores in cities openly sell Schedule-H drugs without a prescription even for earning money. These drugs are used as an alternative remedy for youth addiction. It is ironic that due to the bad habits of human beings, the trade of drugs worth billions of rupees is flourishing in the country. 

According to the World Health Organization, 10 people die every minute due to cigarette smoking. The trend of 'hookah bars' started in big cities has reached small cities today. In these 'hookah bars', not only mature youngsters, but school boys and girls also enjoy the fun of hookah gurgle. Several related recent research studies have concluded that suicidal tendencies are more prevalent among drug addicts. 

Diagnosing the problem of drug and drug use should be considered a common social responsibility. For this, effective, effective, and sensitive initiatives are needed to be taken vigorously by the government's cooperation with effective people from different parts of society. 

Today is the need of the hour that the state governments and the central government as well as diverse social organizations, medical institutions, psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical psychologists, social workers, and the general public make a concerted and inclusive participatory effort to stop this terrible catastrophic social disorder.

And immediately start meaningful efforts as a national campaign in the direction of effective counseling and rehabilitation of the people who have been caught under the influence of drugs, especially the young men and women. Cultural organizations, state, and central government information, and public relations departments will also have to come forward immediately for public awareness.

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