Tackling The Problem Of Unemployment During Corona Pandemic

25-Jun-2020 , Updated on 6/25/2020 3:01:02 AM

Tackling The Problem Of Unemployment During Corona Pandemic

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The epidemic and the lockdown have created a mountain of hardships before us, but the good thing is that our fight on both fronts is bringing good results. Specific signs of immediate recovery have started to come from the side effects of lockdown in particular.

The latest report by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) states that the unemployment level in the country has just reached the situation just before the lockdown. This was found to be 8.5 percent in the week ended 21 June, which is slightly below the 8.75 percent unemployment before the lockdown was declared in March.

Keep in mind, after the lockdown was declared, when the offices and factories stopped functioning and all the companies dropped their shutters without saying anything, the workers and artisans working in them not only became unemployed but suddenly they got all kinds of insecurity.

Surrounded by The panic of the epidemic, the cash crunch and the uncertainty of trade forced them all to leave their villages and travel to their villages. As a result of this, the unemployment level in the growing country increased from 8.7 percent in March to 27.1 percent in the week ending May 3. But things started to improve after that. Especially in these three weeks of June, unemployment fell to 17.5 percent and 11.6 percent to 8.5 percent. 

This CMIE report clearly states that this improvement in the situation is the result of efforts to provide work to the migrant laborers returned to the village in or around their village. These efforts have mostly taken place under MNREGA, which also means that these figures of reduction in unemployment percentage cannot be given much importance. 

These jobs can provide immediate relief to migrant laborers, but cannot do justice to their skills. The work left behind by these skilled workers cannot be compared to the work that has been made available to them.

By considering such help as employment, we may immediately correct our figures, but viewing them as real employment will make it difficult for future researchers. 

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From the economy's point of view, the happy news is that as soon as the work is being started in the companies which were suddenly closed due to the lockdown, they are also taking care of their employees who have gone to the village.

Establishing contact with them, assuring them of security, and arranging transport for their return. The returned laborers are also expressing their desire to return to the changed situation. In the process, if the trust is restored between the employer and the employee, then it will definitely be a concrete step towards getting the economy back on track.

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