Rayshard Brooks Murder Case : Is Apartheid Back In USA ?


Rayshard Brooks Murder Case : Is Apartheid Back In USA ?

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A black man named Rayshard Brooks died after being shot by a police officer in a struggle here when he was arrested for drunk driving. The Atlanta Police Chief resigned on Saturday, just hours after the incident. Officials said the man had snatched the officer's Taser gun and shot him while he was running away.

Protests erupted in Atlanta after Rayshard Brooks, a 27-year-old black man found to be drunk, died after being shot by police. Police Chief Erica Shields then resigned. Georgia Revenue Bureau (GBI) director Vic Reynolds said the incident occurred outside a Wendy restaurant on Friday night, captured by security cameras and mobile phones of eyewitnesses. 

Reynolds told a news conference, 'When an officer is involved in the use of deadly force, in such circumstances the public has the right to know what happened.' The protesters set the restaurant on fire and traffic near the nearby highway Interrupted. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced the resignation of the chief of police on Saturday afternoon. The mayor also appealed for the immediate dismissal of the officer who shot Brooks. 

Meyer said that Shields himself decided to resign. The GBI reported that Atlanta police had received a complaint that a man sleeping in a car had blocked the road outside the restaurant, after which police arrived and a confrontation ensued between Brooks and police.

The GBI said Brooks was found to be driving drunk and tried to stop the officer from arresting him. The GBI has released a video of the incident on Saturday. The incident in Atlanta comes at a time when protests against police brutality and racial discrimination have been taking place in the US since the death of African-American George Floyd in police custody on May 25 in Minneapolis. 

According to Reynolds, the investigation revealed that when two officers tried to arrest Brooks, he snatched an officer's shot and it appears that while running, he shot Taseer at an officer, after which the officer charged him with three shots fired. Brooks' relative Crystal Brooks said, 'He was not harming anyone'.

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The police went to his car and despite the car being parked, they pulled him out of the car and started a scuffle with him. He snatched Taseer, but he only held Taseer and was running away. 'Crystal demanded that the officers involved in the incident should be sent to prison

After George Floyd's murder case we have yet another killing of a black man whose only sin was struggling with police cops. He was threatened as just for drinking alcohol above the par level which is utterly so normal in the USA where people do take synthetic drugs in the open.

Another black man is shot dead! apartheid is back in the United States Of America and the politically motivated angle behind this is the planned anarchist coup by the Democratic party to overthrow the Donald Trump regime. We have to make sure that this does not happen otherwise the white as well as black community shall be divided and will never come together.

The overall affected result would be 'America will never be great again'. As an American does any citizen wants so?  Unfortunately for some, it is true and yet they do not want to change this sad tagline of the nation's future. 


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