The unlock: Phase 1

11-Jun-2020 , Updated on 12/20/2022 2:30:42 AM

The unlock: Phase 1

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Unlock 1.0

Life after lock-down which is called unlock 1.0 is a signal out of the lock-down that went into effect on 25 march 2020. This will bring lives to normality and it will be a welcome month. Last months shows the decline of economic activities of the country. Now the markets, malls, service sectors etc will reopen with following some precautionary guidelines. Now the employees can go to work. Now the peoples can travel with necessary precautions.

Unlock is not the choice it is the necessity of government. The economic conditions, unemployment makes government is obligated to unlock the country. So it can not be said that the virus infection gets reduced and we can free to move anywhere. The gathering can be made with social distancing.

The lock-down guide us how to live in this pandemic situation and how to fight with corona virus during lock-down. Now it is the time to utilize those learning with respect precautions in unlock 1.0. Now it is ones own responsibility to take good care of himself/herself.

Because a government cannot proceed with further lock-down as it affects the social, economical and financial growth of the country. It affects the lives of normal people at large in terms of money, mental health, time or energy. It becomes very difficult to raise funds to fulfill the needs of the people any more. But like any other situation this unlock phase 1 also has its pros and cons.

Pros of unlock 1.0

Economy growth: Due to unlock the GDP (Gross domestic product) will start rising which gets fall down during lock-down.

Financial crisis will turn into financial rising and funds will be raised.

Social life will improve: The lock-down phase affects social well being of the peoples at large. The peoples couldn’t contact for months.

Weaker section of the country will now be able to earn his daily wages which brings relief in their lives.

Cons of Unlock 1.0

Now it becomes a more difficult challenge to fight with corona virus.

Following social distancing in India is really difficult and almost impossible. Because the markets, streets are mostly narrow and unorganized.

Another demerit of unlock is that it leads to rise in crime and theft. The unemployment gives rise to offences.

Pollution will increase. The air, water, land which got purified during lock-down will now trapped into pollution.

The unlock: Phase 1

To fight with Pandemic in unlock:

Do not throw plastics on road and nearby rivers.

The unlock: Phase 1 Follow social distancing.  

The unlock: Phase 1

Purchase from local markets.  

Buy Indian brands and products.

Care for animals understand their needs.

The unlock: Phase 1

Do not carry precious items like jewelry, heavy cash with you.

Do not go outside the house if not needed.

Do not go outside without mask.

Apply hand sanitizer after entering into any public place.

Wash your hand every hour.

Help others.

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