Scam: 69000 UP teacher vacancy

09-Jun-2020, Updated on 12/20/2022 2:24:40 AM

Scam: 69000 UP teacher vacancy

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Scam: 69000 UP teacher vacancy

This is not the first time that any government vacancy in Uttar Pradesh comes under a scam. During the situation of pandemic of COVID-19 thrilling news about a scam in up teacher vacancy is found to be ridiculous. The vacancy already takes much of time i.e. 1.5 years to announce its result. And now trapped by a huge scam in which certain groups found guilty in releasing the answer keys before exam.

Scam: 69000 UP teacher vacancyScam: 69000 UP teacher vacancy

The vacancy is in the midst of widespread social and political unrest triggered by the release of answers before the day of examination. If honorable Supreme Court does not pass order of stay on the counseling procedure the vacancy has almost completed with scam. Those who form the crux of the state are the primary players in this ever continuing problem.

This scam hits a large number of applicants who are preparing for the examinations. They paid large sums to the get coaching classes. They study day and night to qualify for the exam. But these scams makes their hard work in vain.

Scam: 69000 UP teacher vacancy


Just think about the sorrows behind a failure which was not caused by their incapacity or knowledge .....but because some special group of persons cheat.  


What makes this scam possible?

Three preconditions of this scam: benefactor, beneficiary and a benefit. Benefit of earning a profession without knowledge.

Conventional wisdom says that the benefactors are the applicants and the beneficiaries are politicians like Dr. K.L. Patel, main accused of this scam. Achieving a profession in government service is so complex that getting quick service is actually a privilege. And this privilege demands some cost in the form of bribe. This scam receives bribe of 8 lakhs from the applicants.

The uncontrolled and unsupervised administration gives way to corruption. Due to fewer good leaders they find it difficult to make such huge kind of scams. But without the support of important authorities the good leaders defeated. 

Is loss of wealth and prosperity is the only loss to be consider?

Those who did not know about what is going on day before exam and they just keep on their studies so that they achieve good marks are the victims of such scams. They are not aware of any shortcut to pass the exam on the basis of bribe. The scam not only discourages the applicants it also found detrimental to their mental health.

The government job aspirants are so capable with their mental ability that they have guts to stand again and again after failing in exam to prepare for other. But these scams make their courage decline and lead to demotivation, depression and anxiety.

An applicant waits for a vacancy which he/she prepares, vacancies comes but did not completed on time. In this vacancy applicants are waiting for their joining letter since more than a year even after qualifying, because in up every vacancy go through the court proceedings first and you already know about how much time is taken by the court to release any order.

This is certainly destroying their motivation. They are facing lack of hope; they are not able to face their parents…..because they cannot make their dreams possible. They come up with a dream in their eyes and not aware about those who can buy the answers before exams and qualify the exams with much more numbers in comparison to the victims.

The government is all playing with the hardships, hard work, knowledge, qualifications of the applicants. They are making fun of efforts of applicants to pass the exam by doing such scams.

Need for quality governance

When we talk about quality governance we should conclude on proper management of the administration in a controlled and supervised manner. There should be clear authority and responsibility relations between the employees of the state. The persons should be well authorized for the proper disposal of facts only on the time when needed. And if any violence is made with these guidelines the prompt action policy for punishment or a shell shall be appointed to make a quick decision within specified time.

Quality governance also means the directions made to discourage the demand and supply of bribe. To make the benefit of bribe a curse for the beneficiaries. The profession cannot be earned it can only be achieved. Every loop hole shall be demolished.

Punishment can be the only cure for this decease of scam in the minds of benefactors., Company secretaries (inter), De.El.Ed, UPTET and CTET qualified. A government job aspirant presently looking for the platform where I can enhance my skills and learning to reach to the people.