Android 11 Postponed Again By Google


Android 11 Postponed Again By Google

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Google initially planned an occasion on June 3 in the wake of dropping the Google I/O occasion. The organization was likewise expected to declare the arrival of Android 11 Beta on June 3 for general society.

The occasion was delayed because of the continuous pressure over the United States. While we are yet to see the official arrival of the most recent OS, this is what Android 11 name could be.

On the off chance that you are standing by to hear what pastry name Android 11 will be named after, you are in for some mistake. Google has named Android forms after desserts like Pie, KitKat and then some. Be that as it may, it dropped this naming plan with Android 9 Pie, which was the remnant of a dying breed. A year ago, Google shocked us by naming Android Q as 'Android 10.'  

While the most recent beta has a notice of 'Android R,' we anticipate that it should stay restricted to the beta. We don't see the sweet naming plan returning. Thus, the following rendition of Android will be called Android 11. That is it. Downright and straightforward Android 11.  

Not long ago, Google booked an online occasion called Android 11 Beta Launch Show on June 3 for displaying its next significant Android assemble and furthermore discharging the principal open beta adaptation. Nonetheless, that didn't go as indicated by the arrangement and Google delayed the June 3 occasion inconclusively.  

'We are eager to reveal to you progressively about Android 11, however now isn't an ideal opportunity to celebrate. We are deferring the June third occasion and beta discharge. We'll be back with additional on Android 11, soon,' the official Android Developers Twitter handle composed.  

Resizeable picture-in-picture windows. The Developer Preview 4 lets you resize an image in-picture window by just tapping directly outside one of the four corners and afterward hauling internal or outward.  

The review shows warning tallies. You will presently observe a number close to the extended bolt on the off chance that you have numerous notices. It is anything but difficult to perceive what number of messages you have pending to be perused in the discussion.  

Select catch in the ongoing application review. The Developer Preview 3 patched up the review of the ongoing application by including a 'screen capture' and 'offer' button. Presently, the most recent Developer Preview includes another 'select' button.

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Android 11 Postponed Again By Google

Android 11 is that phoney version which just existed in every android lover as well as hater's reverie. You can expect the next version in your next smartphone but it is of no use to you because for that you gotta have the new smartphone. 

We are sure that one day we might be able to get over the addiction of android and just realise and accept the fact that we do love it but do not embrace it. Android is just a myth and we should be in a state of 'tech hangover'. 

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