Sports Will Change The Education Scenario


Sports Will Change The Education Scenario

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A nation is not built suddenly. Nation-building requires physical, mental, and intellectual contributions. The job of universities is to build the personality of the students. This will happen when they develop in all areas - physical, mental, intellectual.

On this basis people with qualities of tolerance, harmony, fairness, and discipline are prepared. They ensure their contribution not only to themselves, their families but also to the creation of their country as well as the entire creation. Just as different nations are involved in the Olympics, in the university, people from different parts of the country come together to represent the nation. 

In order to prepare the people representing the nation, it is necessary that education should be productive, practical and actionable. In this direction, it should be the initiative of the universities that sports activities should be made part of the core action plan along with the academic environment.

Besides educational activities in universities, an effective and conducive sports environment should be developed. For this, we should have a separate budget at the university level, but also ensure a suitable place for indoor and outdoor games. The selection of faculty along with resources should be improved, so that the performance can be strengthened not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively.

For this, there is a special need for the necessary resources of sports at the university and college level and the instructors who use them. Many universities have also taken big decisions in this direction and have made all the necessary arrangements at their level. 

The need to take several steps simultaneously towards a common policy now stands before us. One remembers Atal ji's interview, in which he said, 'What is our priority, it is difficult to tell ... but we have to work on many priorities.' 

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The same goes for strengthening sports infrastructure in universities. We have to provide both resources and competence at the university level under a clear policy. In this, along with the provision of sports equipment, their management must also be arranged.

Apart from this, players and former players representing the country at different levels at the national and international levels will have to be associated with university classes in different ways from guest faculty. Along with all these we have to formulate policies for all-round development of sports. 

It is a welcome fact that in the last few years, the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Youth Welfare has paved the way for mainstreaming all the youth with excellent decisions. But now universities will also have to share in this campaign of the government. This would require universities to work on a consolidated policy. 

On the basis of social experience, it is being seen that the youth of today may not even know about some of the greatest scholars, big scientists, big doctors, big bureaucrats of the country, but there is no doubt that they immediately give up on asking - Four big players definitely counts. 

It is also practically true that we live in a country where curfew-like silence can be seen on the roads for any World Cup of cricket. This sports-loving spirit of India can become our strength. This power has to be used. 

We need to link students to the policies of professional training and career development of sports so that the possibility of employment-oriented sports can be developed in them. Schools, colleges, and universities have to develop such an environment from primary level to higher education, students can make sports and sports a part of life according to their ability and interest. 

The conditions of policy decision and collective effort will create an India in which not only the intellectual, but also physically empowered youth will be more empowered to give the right direction.

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