Bois Locker Room Case : Youth On Wrong Track
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Bois Locker Room Case : Youth On Wrong Track

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In a group on the Internet, the case of some teenagers in Delhi talking obscenely about their classmate girls, sharing objectionable pictures of them, and planning to rape them is extremely unfortunate.

To be fair, through this episode, another major disease of the society has been exposed in this era of the corona epidemic, which should be discussed seriously in families apart from the educational structure.

Going into the details, some schoolboys from South Delhi had set up an Instagram chat group called 'Bois Locker Room', in which for the last one month they not only put objectionable pictures of their acquaintance girls but also proposed to gang rape them. Were also discussing. On Monday, May 4, when a girl from South Delhi shared a screenshot of this group on social media and exposed their misdeeds, the entire city came into a lurch. 

Delhi Commission for Women was also active in this matter and issued notice to Delhi Police and Instagram. Delhi Police arrested a teenager in this case and started an investigation.

She has asked the photo-sharing app to share details of all the people in that group. Meanwhile, apart from this group, a Gurugram boy committed suicide for fear of questioning after being accused of raping himself in another group on Instagram.

Some cyber experts say that children are neither able to get out of their homes during the lockdown, nor do they get more mixed up in their family. In such a situation, the Internet is the only means of social engagement for them. In the last 40 days, it is absolutely possible for him to go to the dark web. There is some problem with our society too that it has adopted the techniques of breaking the bond, but has not made any system to join. New technologies also demand new ethos. 

Without realizing this need, we are leading a double life. All porn sites are available to children, but the Indian culture is in danger as soon as the matter of sex education arises.

Not only parents, but teachers also do not talk about the healthy relationships between boys and girls. Without knowing how big torture love is, children are roaming around in its market.

The Internet is full of content that glorifies rape and presents women as objects of consumption. No way of controlling it has been found so far and perhaps it is not possible. Before this blind well engulfs the country's latest generation, we should intensify our efforts to save the boys at home.

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