Time For Reservation Review In India


Time For Reservation Review In India

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Discussion on this subject has started once again with the recent decision given by the Supreme Court regarding the reservation. The Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court, while repealing the decision of the Government of Andhra Pradesh, has said many things regarding reservation in which 100% reservation was given to Scheduled Tribes in Scheduled Areas.

The court has said that it is not proper to give the benefit of reservation continuously to those who have moved ahead with the benefit of reservation.

Some people are referring to what the Supreme Court has said by abolishing or justifying reservations. While these things of the Supreme Court are related to the review of reservation. There are some people in reserved groups who have been taking advantage of this for decades.

The effort of such people is to make a reservation like that of a sacred cow, to talk about which means to end it. Anything related to the review of reservation seems to them to be a blot on their interests and they connect their interest with the social interest. 

There is a large group within the reserved groups themselves who feel cheated in this system, but no one is willing to listen to them. Reservation has become an emotional issue in our country.

The demand for reservation shows how much hope people are looking towards government jobs. Whenever there is talk of a review to give the benefit of reservation to the groups inside a reserved category, the same rich groups raise the flag in protest.

We remember the horrors of the anti-Mandal movement of the year 1990. At the same time, when the Modi government announced reservation for economically weaker upper castes, some non-upper castes protested.

OBC reservation was opposed by saying that it would affect 'merit', then the reservation of economically weaker upper castes was being opposed, saying that no such provision is in the constitution. Regardless of the name of the protest, at the core of it is the feeling that only the benefit of reservation will be given to me and not to other groups. 

Now there are many types of fragrances regarding reservation even within reserved categories, which has been pointed out by the Supreme Court. The court has asked the government to listen and understand the fragrances inside the reserved category.

The irony is that the governments have so far not tried to know whether the concerned class is getting the benefit of reservation or not. The governments have not even tried to know who are taking advantage of the reservation. Whereas the debate has become common within the Scheduled Castes, Tribes and Backward Classes that the economically strong castes within these sections are getting the full benefit of reservation. After 70 years of Scheduled Caste, Tribe reservation and 27 years of OBC reservation, a creamy layer has been created within these sections which is not allowing the benefit of reservation to reach the bottom of their own group. 

However, we lack data to support all these things. People of reserved groups also repeatedly say that they did not get the benefit of reservation, because till now it has not been implemented properly, but whether it can be denied that reservation of reservation groups Whatever profit was received was usurped by some affluent families of the same group. Actually, the Supreme Court's statement should be seen in the context of trying to find answers to all these questions related to reservation.

The government should talk about reservation in a cordial atmosphere, review it so that the situation of backward groups within reserved groups can be properly assessed.

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