We Need To Understand Subjugation


We Need To Understand Subjugation

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By considering the nature of subjugation, we can think about how the life of a person under the control of another or in authority can be happy. He can neither act with any desire of his own nor can have any hope for it, because he cannot keep alive his feelings due to the constant bondage of slavery.

Therefore, a person who is subordinate to a soul is considered dead. A person who does not have a soul, can he do any work with any desire or feeling, ie not.

The famous French scholar Rousey once said - Man is born free, but he is tied in shackles everywhere. After considering that quote, we see that man has truly come to this earth independently, but he is completely bound by worldly bonds. Subordination is a kind of ignorance, which is the mother of all kinds of disasters and sufferings. As a result of subjugation, a person becomes a complete animal. He performs the same function as a machine powered machine. 

That is, a subordinate never asks his master and God why he is giving such an order to him, rather he obeys this order by betting on his life because he has to either do it or die. 

Subjugation leads to a complete collapse not only of the individual but also of the society and the nation. We can understand this by looking at the history of the subjugation of our country. Our country has been continuously subjugated for many centuries, due to which we are not only personally falling behind, but we are also declining at the social and national level. In every situation of the British, we have been losing our ideals, forgetting our culture and civilization, even if we were under the Mughals. 

The result of the subordination of the country is that today we have been badly affected by foreign civilization and culture. Today we have forgotten our civilization and culture even though we are independent.

Today, even though we are in our nation, we are far away from our nation, because our body and mind have become cluttered with independence. Due to not being able to understand the full and true meaning of freedom or freedom, even today, we take false pride and experience of being independent with the mindset of slavery.

Our position today is that we are misunderstanding the meaning of freedom. Today, we are giving the introduction of our arrogance from all around by implying subjugation as absolute freedom thus making the real meaning of freedom as false.

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