Tablighi Jamat Case : An Attempt Of Virus Terrorism Jihad

31-Mar-2020 , Updated on 3/31/2020 7:18:41 AM

Tablighi Jamat Case : An Attempt Of Virus Terrorism Jihad

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So the biggest news happening in India which is hit by the ongoing coronavirus global pandemic is Tablighi Jamaat who called upon around 1400-1500 Muslims who were in real the jehadis spreading terrorism via virus while accomodating several other non-infected Indian ignorant Muslims with the infected jehadi coronavirus sleeper cell Muslim who were labelled on paper as 'Islamic preachers' and belonged to countries like Indonesia, Nepal, Qatar and around 15 other countries in the Nizamuddin Dargah area of the national capital New Delhi.

While the Indian Home Ministry has blacklisted these more than 800 of these so-called preachers cam jihadi Muslims whereas around 500 of them have been positive with COVID-19 symptoms.

As per the latest reports, 10 have died, while 300 hospitalizations have occurred. Once again the inhuman and so-called peaceful community of Islamic jihadis risen up just to spread death amongst the kafirs (Non-Muslims) as they do not fear death because real life occurs afterwards.

Tablighi Jamaat, a non-political worldwide Sunni Islamic fervent movement of Indian starting point, has risen as the 'biggest known viral centre' of the novel coronavirus in South Asia. Its strict assemblages are said to be the wellspring of many positive cases of the coronavirus in the area.  

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In India, the Ministry of Home Affairs is in contact with different states to distinguish the more than 3,000 individuals, among them outsiders from other Southeast Asian nations including COVID-19 hotspot Malaysia, who had partaken in a Tablighi Jamaat assembling in the national capital's Nizamuddin zone toward the beginning of March.

The sources said many have been recognized and steps are being taken to test and disengage them.  

Migration Bureau sources disclosed that a rundown of every one of the individuals who originated from abroad has just been sent to the state governments alongside the known locations.  

They said the rundown is a general one and doesn't recognize the Tablighi Jamaat individuals as such since they didn't come to India on an evangelist visa.  

In any event, 10 individuals who participated in the Nizamuddin gathering, including Tablighi Jamaat's Kashmir head, have fallen prey to the infection in India.  

In Telangana, the legislature has distinguished six such deaths. Tablighi Jamaat non-political worldwide Sunni Islamic evangelist movement ters around asking Muslims to come back to essential Sunni Islam, especially in issues of customs, clothing types, and individual conduct.   

Begun in 1927 by Muhammad Ilyas al-Kandhlawi in Mewat, India, it has been classified as 'one of the most persuasive strict developments in twentieth-century Islam'.

The whole digital, electronic and print media is discussing this shocking news story but the left-liberal who always defend the jihadi Islamic people seem to be on the backfoot and pretend to be seeking an apology from Tablighi people but in reality,they also know that this is an act of super stupidity as to when they knew Delhi had declared epidemic management act and no public gathering is allowed and even their holiest place Mecca is closed for whom they gathered to worship? Did Allah say them to spread infection via community transmission and make people die?

No! It can surely be concluded in the end that 'Tablighi Jamaat Case' is in reality the expose of jihadi sleeper cells ought to destroy the world by spreading the coronavirus amongst the communities across the globe and India being their prime target. It's high time people try to understand the real problem at hand and fight against the jihadi forces who are against humanity in total.

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