Kerala, Liquor and Coronavirus Problem Angle
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Kerala, Liquor and Coronavirus Problem Angle

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Do you have any idea of alcoholism and coronavirus problem angle ? especially in the case of already corona epicentre of South India, Kerala. Well of course you should know because apart from the ongoing corona pandemic Keralites are facing the social issue of liquor unavailability leading some to even commit suicide.

With suicide cases being accounted for from different parts of the state after alcohol deals were halted in Kerala following the lockdown, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has directed the Excise Department to give alcohol to those a medicine from a specialist. 

The move comes after numerous cases purportedly indicated intense withdrawal side effects and suicide cases were accounted for in the state. 

On Saturday, in Kodungaloor in Thrissur area, a young person ended it all by bouncing into the stream in the wake of experiencing suicidal manifestations. 

In another occurrence, a 38-year-elderly person working in a barbershop in Kayamkulam devoured shaving moisturizer after he didn't get liquor. In spite of the fact that he was taken to emergency clinic after he created anxiety, he passed away. Reason being again the fact that liquor wasn't there.

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The Kerala government has additionally requested that the Excise Department furnish free treatment and concede individuals with suicidal side effects to the de-compulsion focuses. 

The Chief Minister has said the legislature is additionally considering the choice of online offer of alcohol as the abrupt inaccessibility of liquor may prompt social issues. 

Now the government state makes it clear but it is disturbing to see the most literared and so advanced called state of Kerala is facing such a dire situation. Of there was no acess to medicine but if there is shortage of life daggering liquor, then almighty God forbids we might know what is the future holding for Kerala people. Meanwhile they need it so they need it to save some drunkards from dying as every life matters.

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