Get To Know The Infamous Islamist Shooter Mohammad Shahrukh Of Delhi Riots


Get To Know The Infamous Islamist Shooter Mohammad Shahrukh Of Delhi Riots

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Mohammad Shahrukh, who had opened fire at Delhi Police all through the anti-Hindu riots that had broken out in Delhi's final week of February, has been arrested. Delhi Police crime department has arrested him from Uttar Pradesh. Let's get to know about this Islamist shooter who out of nowhere opened fire at a police cop who was there to protect the people. 

He had opened eight rounds of fire on Delhi Police on February 24, the day US President Donald Trump turned into journeying India. While initial reports had advised that Mohammad Shahrukh was arrested on February 25, Delhi Police later clarified that he had escaped and became absconding because of the fear of getting arrested by the police, this is just what the ironical of this fearsome pretending freak seems to be. 

On the day of US President Donald Trump’s visit to India, the countrywide capital has witnessed unprecedented violence. A Delhi police constable has lost his life inside the riots that have ensued in the city of Delhi in wake of the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. 

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Another DCP has been injured all through clashes in Delhi’s Gokulpuri. An IB legitimate, Ankit Sharma, changed into brutally murdered and his dead frame was thrown in a drain. Amidst the riots, a video of a man commencing hearth at the police, and one policeman bravely status in his manner emerged. The shooter, diagnosed as Shahrukh who has now been arrested had no remorse, shame, the guilt of doing such a heinous crime in the name of religion while provocating and acting against the erstwhile resilient and peaceful major Hindu community. 

Interestingly, just because the video went viral, the standard suspects had started blaming ‘Bhagwa terror’. There have been several Leftists and Islamists, who habitually defend Muslim rioters without a doubt assumed that the shooter changed into a person from the “BJP/RSS” or a “Sanghi Goon”.  

However, as the identity of the shooter got an occasion, the usual suspects commenced withdrawing, without retracting their deceitful assertions.   

Now Mohammad Sharukh's father was a drug peddler himself and his mother too was involved in criminal activities. Such was the important contribution of his family to the society of this country where the most brutal criminals gets the most humane treatment without any reasonable logic. What to know about him? He is a jehadi and his only goal to kill the kafirs in the name of Islamism which is erstwhile the only religion of peace but he is working against it and contradicts the path which was laid by the Prophet himself. 

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