Communal amity on the grounds of Meerut

29-Feb-2020, Updated on 3/6/2020 2:50:08 AM

Communal amity on the grounds of Meerut

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Our motherland has been feeling blue over the participation of her children in communal riots and antagonism in its various parts especially in the capital city, Delhi which is questioning humanity at a vast ground. 

Today, the democratic land is being used for the eruption of lavas of communal hatred which is being passed over from area to area and history to history. No matter what's the reason prevails behind these riots and violence but a matter of concern is the loss of real humanity. It feels so bad to wonder that these incidents will be added up to pages of history which will be turned by the generations to come. 

Are we fair enough to hand over these types of incidents to our generations? If we are not able to maintain communal peace and harmony passed on to us by the Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, how could we expect our future generations to be limited to the details of these violent approaches to reading only? If we are not able to control our actions and words how would it be possible for us to control their actions and words?

Communal amity on the grounds of Meerut

It is said that so many drops make the empty vessel filled. Here one little action of a man of Meerut says the most. In order to present the society the Hindu-Muslim amity, Mohd Sharafat in Hastinapur area of Meerut, printed the wedding card of his daughter Asma Khatoon, featuring a photograph of Lord Ganesha and Radha-Krishna along with a line, "Chand Mubarak." 

This remarks about the existence of awakening society. A society in which a man can follow three dharmas at a time. First, his own religion, second - Dharma of Humanity and third- Dharma of Responsibility. 

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The last two Dharmas play the most crucial role in the sustainability of the diversity of this country. That particular action of Mohd Sharafat is a wake-up call for those who got blind in agitation. One must not forget that first we are Indian and then we hold our personal identities. 

Featuring the photographs of Lord Ganesha and Radha-Krishna on a wedding card of Muslims reminds us of brotherhood, Ahimsa and Humanity passed by our ancestors. This is seen as a symbolic deed as it took place in the times of violence and agitation in various societies. 

Let's communicate the problems and solutions in a polite way to wipe off the tears of our motherland. 

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