The Misogynist Ola Cab Driver

19-Feb-2020 , Updated on 3/8/2020 1:51:02 AM

The Misogynist Ola Cab Driver

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The date was 17 February 2020 when Mr. Uttam Mishra, a respected couple in Sangam City Prayagraj and owner of Mindstick Software Private Limited, along with his wife, Mrs. Garima Mishra, booked Ola's cab service from Alopibagh Road to their office at Patrika Chowk.

The insolent driver Manik Chandra Singh first arrives to pick them up after a long delay and then instead of admitting his mistake, indulges in indecent behavior towards them. Even during the journey, he offers a bad act of verbal violence and abuses him. 

When he is asked to stop as soon as the cab arrives at the crossroads, he threatens to harm them and rudely treats a woman who has been talking to her peacefully while being fed up with his hateful anti-feminist mentality.  

The Misogynist Ola Cab Driver

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After this, the driver showed the extent of his inferiority when he called his phone number and even threatened to kill him by stepping into the house. An FIR has been lodged in this case and the police has started the investigation. 

After all, a large cab service like Ola hires such unprofessional, vulgar and lowly drivers under its banner, without questioning, which raises questions about its credibility. After all, in a civilized city like Prayagraj, can a couple sit with a cab driver in a dignified and secure manner? 

 We would like to warn the Ola Cab Service that they should take appropriate action against their driver named Manik Chandra Singh as soon as possible or else the self-respecting fight for female honor will be fought by taking it across the media.  

Join this mission of MindStick through #olabaddriver #olaagainstcustomer and support us so that such people can get the right lesson.  

Such a terrible and vulgar incident must have happened to people in Prayagraj and in many such cities, but for some reason, people are not able to come forward and say it, so we request to go ahead and speak against the insolent drivers like Manik Chandra Singh. Raise the voice with us for Women Justice.

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