Deep-seated Indian Culture

16-Feb-2020 , Updated on 3/6/2020 12:21:19 AM

Deep-seated Indian Culture

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India throws uniqueness not just with regard to size and population but also in terms of landscape, ethnicity, languages, food, religion, attire, and politics. 

Deep seated Indian Culture

Indians pay great respect to the tradition of greeting people using the warm words, 'Namaste' with both hands together and a slight bow. You'll find men shaking hands when they meet men but they avoid shaking hands with women whom they don't know well. Instead, they use the basic tradition to greet women. It is also observed that elders are greeted first due to the hierarchical culture of India.

Deep seated Indian Culture

Let's know the communication culture of India - Here, accompaniments of body parts in conveying messages have various meanings. For eg; Pointing with either one or two fingers is considered to be rude. Watch out, head nods means yes or no. 

The left hand is assumed to be unclean so it is avoided to give anything from the left hand. A word in one language has different meanings and understandings. 

Family which eats together, stays together

Indian families often prefers to sit together and eat together thrice a day. Here also, guests are privileged with honour of having meal first. Sweet dishes, paan or lime water are some of wrap up stuffs of the heavy gravied meals. At homes host always serves their guest and heads of the family and at restaurant they are the bill payers. 

Taboos prevailing in Indian societies

It is offensive when one's feet or shoes touch another person. You need to be very careful for winking, ogling and whistling in public. Smokers own secret place outside their home to breath out the smoking air. Men are suggested to seek permission to sit by the side of a woman on a public transport. 

Personal space is maintained by refraining from standing within an arm's length of others. 

'Golu', 'Chote' and 'Tinku' are the names given to the people with small heights, also innocents and cute people enjoy these nicknames. Family and close friends are the sole callers of these nicknames so, be careful for calling out these names if you're not very close to Chotu or Tinku!

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