Valentine's Day 2020: Change The Tendency Of Love This Time


Valentine's Day 2020: Change The Tendency Of Love This Time

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Today is Valentine's Day and we are surely in love with that someone special person in our respected lives. We promise full life commitment and a promise to hold each other's hand together no matter what the situation arises. But the tendency of love has to change this time. We should love others as much we as love ourselves. 

Love, Ishq or simply simple love, but the sweet and salty crisp in love brings great risk in itself. So, this Valentine's Day, of course, you can express your seriousness or casual love, but in addition to your loved on, you will get many people to love you.

Today is the anniversary of the Pulwama attack and also Parent's Day. Salute your parents and end the day on a good and positive note by thanking them that they have taken care of them till this stage of life.

Along with this, you should also pay tribute to those brave martyred soldiers whose lives were sacrificed in the name of the country in the Pulwama terror attack.

If you do not bow down to their sacrifice today, then doubt yourself to be an Indian. Saint Valentine was a priest of love who only engaged in establishing the pure love philosophy in the world, but the lust society killed him in the name of hypocrisy.

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Where is love today? Even today, it is hidden within us, if necessary, to awaken it. All we need is to soul it. Our favorite parents, without whom we cannot complete even one step of life. Yes, but we do not forget to question them and this is our biggest mistake.

You will remember the martyred jawans who are not with us today. Remember the little girl who salutes her father's body in war cry and you will definitely have tears, remember that Valentine's Day defines only one type of love or its trending nature can be useful elsewhere.

On Valentine's Day, you should love them, who are part of your direct and indirect life, but we probably forget to thank and that mistake will have to be corrected from now on and February 14 will be celebrated with love with because it is love that should be done and shared with everyone. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

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