Technology is destroying Human
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Technology is destroying Human

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This scene happen in your family that- Dad in the living room with laptop asking for dinner and daughter in the kitchen on her PC saying, 'getting hungry mum' and son on his desktop in his room saying, 'I will take dinner in my room' .

No one speaks face to face anymore, everyone is so busy with their smartphones and personal computers that day fail to notice what's going on around them.The office is is no different- the boss sends a message to his assistant, the assistant emails the supervisor and the supervisor eventually shares with the team. But never speaking face to face and without talking in person, the work just continues to pile up.

Technology is destroying Human

Things just get worse! and worse!. Technology is not all bad, it's a great tool for keeping families together. for example- the cell phone, it has made staying in touch easier and safer than ever before. Kids now have instant access to 911 operator in cases of emergency, there's also the convenience from things, being able to contact their parents to pick them up for practice or mum calling dad stop and grab a carton of milk on the way home. They are also getting smarter and smaller and becoming even more versatile. They are like regular phones on steroids.

Parents are always being surprised with an expected challenges like coming up with quick, non scientific answers to questions.Like a son ask to his mum, 'why is the sky blue?' or maybe 'why does the moon come out during the day?'  answers to these questions are only a few click away now, just because of technology. Whether it's astronomical, chemistry, meteorology or medicine. Technology helps you find the answer quickly and easy, it has also been great for business. The mobile phone has become a lifeline for staying in touch when on the road. Technology has also removed the strict restriction from having to mail out print ads. And email and online chat has brought businesses even closer to their customers. 

Technology is destroying Human

Technology was created to help us, communicate better, what it has done is allowed us to not truly communicate at all. 70% of teens aged 13 to 17 now  have smartphones, 92% of them report going online daily, including 20% who are online almost constantly. Something must be done to address these issues. 

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