Remembering Radhika Kaushik: How Tough Life Of A News Anchor Can Be


Remembering Radhika Kaushik: How Tough Life Of A News Anchor Can Be

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It's been two years since as journalists we have demised the death of late Radhika Kaushik as her life sadly tells how tough life of a news anchor can be. 

Radhika Kaushik was an Indian journalist based totally in Jaipur. She was working with Zee Rajasthan in New Delhi. She used to live on lease in the N-tower of Antriksh forest residences.  

She was born on 6 September 1993 in Jaipur. She pursued her BA in English literature from IIS college and after that, she moved to the capital city of Delhi for her Mass Communication career route. 

She enrolled herself in the Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan at the KG Marg, New Delhi. She was single younger in addition to a decided anchor who changed into continually geared up to stand specific challenges in her lifestyles. 

The existence of an Anchor isn't smooth and all of us can depict this factor from the history of the lifestyle of this young Anchor Ms. Radhika Kaushik. The news media outlets updated that she died on 14th December 2018 by falling from the 4th ground of her flat balcony. She passed away at 3:00 pm. 

She prepared a party in her flat on Thursday night time. Radhika’s body was discovered lying on the floor. 

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Remembering Radhika Kaushik How Tough Life Of A News Anchor Can Be

Police sources indicated that alcohol bottles were found inside the flat due to which she fell down however her dad and mom claimed that their daughter became trapped within the four play and she turned into being murdered. Her loss of life is a thriller for all of the citizens. This case had become a case of fear and tension inside the hearts of society. 

It was being said that she changed into having liquor together with her journalist pal Rahul Awasthi and that is difficult to consider that she committed suicide. It can be a well deliberate or unplanned murder or just a freak twist of fate as she got into beneath the impact of liquor. 

Success in a person’s life brings happiness in addition to fear because it will increase the number of haters in their lives. This is the unhappy truth of the community that no person right here is capable of digest different man or woman’s fulfillment memories. This murder or coincidence case is a clear photo of the black section of our society. In my point of view, it's miles tough to accept as true the reality that this is an unintentional case because she was not alone at her home.  

There are not any legitimate answers that may fulfill these arising questions. This also can be feasible that she had an argument together with her so-called colleague about a few troubles and beneath the impact of alcohol he may have pushed her because of which she fell down or it is able to additionally be viable that she changed into inside the heights of success and become a sensation in the journalism department and in the jealousy, her pal who claimed that he works with her in the office intentionally murdered her out of hatred and jealousy. 

No one is aware of the actual truth about this mysterious murder tale however that is an unhappy truth that we've misplaced a great and hardworking anchor whose desires were pretty bigger than her life. This is how tough life of a news anchor can be!

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