Arnab, Kunal and Indigo Airlines


Arnab, Kunal and Indigo Airlines

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So trending topics since last evening are #kunalkamra & #arnab. First, who does not know about and then one should know what the whole matter is. On the Mumbai flight of IndiGo Airlines, the editor-in-chief of Republic TV news channel and famous journalist Arnab Goswami were traveling together, he was accompanied by liberal standup comedian Kunal Kamra, who is rightfully considered as anti-Hindu. 

Kunal has alleged that when he tried to question Arnab Goswami, Arnab allegedly misbehaved with him and called him mentally deranged. Now Arnab Goswami did it or not, Kamra has not recorded the video or it may not have happened. 

Well in the video that got viral Kunal can be seen harassing Arnab. For this, the strange and lewd comedian does not feel ashamed to drag the name of already dead Rohit Vemula. At the same time, Arnab did not even answer him, which was also right. Now Kunal has again spoken of traveling with Arnab in Lucknow, so more rays of doubt on both them has started to be counted. 

Then Arnab Goswami, who shouts at others, accuses and humiliates others, is not straight and innocent. He himself has done this to the people on national tv and when this happened to him, he looked quite calm, but he must have been having deep anger from inside. What was it then? He made a complaint to the Editors Guild and got the government to ban Kunal Kamra to travel by Indigo for a period of six months. 

Kunal Kamra's hatred for the Modi government started from the time he was forced to perform at an event and when the left gang people came to know about this, they made him even the youth icon of their elite group.  

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Now the demand to boycott Indigo Airlines also started to arise, but the rules of the airlines should apply to everyone, then why should Kunal Kamra be punished in the end? Why not punish Arnab? Did Kunal also have a complimentary curry against him? Probably not at all. If he had complained, he would not have had to create such a video. 

Kunal Kamra casted his rage on Arnab Goswami in return for his feud in which he was awarded titles like Anti-National. Actually both of them spewed poison against each other …… so the thing is clear as in tit for tat......chapter closed.

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