Sharjeel Imam and Faizul Hasan: Poster Boys of Islamic Terrorist Movement

27-Jan-2020 , Updated on 1/27/2020 4:52:56 AM

Sharjeel Imam and Faizul Hasan: Poster Boys of Islamic Terrorist Movement

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The Protest of Shaheen Bagh is a well-planned, sponsored conspiracy to break up India's country and establish an Islamic caliphate here. Is it not too early to say that these people have now gone on the path of Jihad? Seeing their antics, it looks like this. It seems as if the demand for 'Direct Action Day' is rising again. 

Today, two poster boys of the Islamic terrorist movement in the form of Sharjeel Imam and Faizul Hassan have come out, who resemble the Ali Brothers of the Khilafat Movement. 

Both, along with the sly Mahatma Gandhi, created a pretense of Hindu-Muslim unity and organized agitation against the removal of the Islamic Caliphate in Turkey, in which the Hindus were persecuted. Thankfully, that movement failed or it was bound to be a problem for the younger generations to come. 

Now the time has come again for them to follow Allah because there is no pain to come in his path. Now, these jihadi people are full of new poster boys. The names are Sharjeel Imam and Faizul Hasan. One is the ex-student of the Left's stronghold Jawaharlal Nehru University and the other i.e. Faizul Hasan is the former president of the Aligarh Muslim University Students Union. 

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Sharjeel Imam and Faizul Hasan: Poster Boys of Islamic Terrorist Movement

Sharjeel Imam picks up the conspiracy to separate Assam from India from a public platform and the electronic media leads him to a sting operation but no one has arrested him. The second is Faizul Hasan who says that his community is that which is capable of ruining any country which definitely means India too. 

What do they have to do with the country's tricolor? Their target is actually to hoist their star-studded green flag. Ummah is their own people, where there is no place from a Hindu to an atheist. 

Can we not be against them? Today, such a conspiracy is being hatched against the Hindu society of India, in which young jihadists like Sharajeel and Faizul have become a symbol of the fake revolution and are accelerating the movement of Islamism.  

The time has come to teach such poster boys a lesson, otherwise, this country will not survive which means our death is doomed with this pan India Islamic movement taking place against the state which is working for the nation.

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