Rahul Gandhi's True Worth Shown By Ramchandra Guha


Rahul Gandhi's True Worth Shown By Ramchandra Guha

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He does not belong to the Sangh Parivar and he is neither an ultra-left person but rather a center-leftist Gandhian historian, author and liberal intellectual. Can you guess the name? Not sure yet......well he is none other than Ramchandra Guha who is certainly not any of the pro-Modi people or his devoted admirers. 

He has surely spoken the truth regarding the prince of Indian National Congress-Rahul Gandhi alias RaGa who is considered as the 'Pappu'' (mediocre politician) of Indian politics. 

Now Ramchandra Guha has again lashed out at the Congress as it is not able to demean the magic of Prime Minister Modi and the victory chariot of the proposition Bhartiya Janata Party. 

Guha termed Rahul Gandhi as the 'fifth-generation dynast' which India does not want to elect let alone be the wish of Congress people of him becoming the Prime Minister of India. 

Without even giving it a second thought we can simply conclude that it would be disastrous for India and it is already destructive for the people of Kerala to elect Rahul Gandhi, this is what has been endorsed by Ramchandra Guha. 

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Mr. Guha, you are correct! Congratulations on opening your mouth for a right cause this time although you went diplomatic towards your critical approach and cautioned that you have nothing against him personally. 

You also accused the oldest political party of getting reduced to one family. This is again a brilliant act by you. Hats off! What a sudden change of mind Mr. Guha, are you even okay? Is this your new nerve of hatred and disgust towards the Gandhi family-controlled party? 

This seems to be the very interesting The main theme of KLF 2020 is the environment and climate change and the historian is talking here of politics, we must take it as the 'political climate change in India' 

Obviously nothing has changed for Guha being the person who participated in the anti-CAA protest and got arrested. If something is to be changed that is not us or Ramchandra Guha but Rahul Gandhi who should either retire from Indian politics or should re-emerge as the opposition's leading figure. 

We have to be sure as to when it will happen because already 15 years have passed! If you are a 100% Modi hater then find his replacement so that you can see the 2024 elections not as  'Modi vs Who' but 'Modi vs Someone' till then keep tolerating both Modi and Rahul Gandhi.  

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