Kimia Alizadeh: The Only Muslim Female Athlete Who Stood With The Truth


Kimia Alizadeh: The Only Muslim Female Athlete Who Stood With The Truth

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Kimia Alizadeh is the only female athlete to have won an Olympic medal for Iran. The only Iranian female medallist has shown the true face of her theocratic nation in front of the entire global community of this world. 

Are we waiting for more shocking revelation making testimonials to know what exactly Iran is today? The dire situation of the Iranian population is just heartbreaking. The Ayatollah Khomenei and Hassan Rouhani led Shia Muslim Islamic regime is on the verge of destruction, instability, and chaos by fulfilling its thirst of warmongering and killing its own people as a sacrifice for the fantasy of fulfilling jihad and achieving the qayamat (doom's day) for the world to wall apart towards the end and for them to achieve Jannat. 

They call themselves the true followers of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and this is how you repay his debt? By disrespecting women? By killing your own countrymen? This what Islam is for Iran?  

Kimia Alizadeh's saying is the shocker of the brutal true reality of this dead terrorist land. She revealed the shocking truth as to how the Iranian government uses them all for their own self-interests in the name of Islam. She was used as a propaganda tool. She is not only the female athlete of the country but she is the only player to have played Taekwondo and become a champion in it too. 

Kimia Alizadeh: The Only Muslim Female Athlete Who Stood With The Truth

She is now defecting the country for her own good as the government has exploited and many like her. She is brave to leave this country for good where there is no place for Islam. 

She had won the bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Taking to her Instagram account she wrote that hse has now shifted to Europe, indicating that she would soon play for another nation. She has not been given a tempting offer yet but she could not take the injustice, hypocrisy, propaganda, exploitation, war, disrespect there. 

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The sports authority of Iran always linked her hard work gained a success to their management and her Islamic hijab which is mandatory to be worn by Iranian women. 

Now she only wishes to have safety, taekwondo and healthy plus happy life which was not possible thereafter being used as a mere tool for propaganda, discredited of the self-earned hard work and accepting whatever was told like total fools. 

Kimia Alizadeh, hats off to you and we certainly wish that your voice would be across the different medium by other middle-east Muslim women who are facing oppression in the name of politicized Islam. 

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